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5 Reasons Why Vinyl Ranch Fencing Is the Best Type of Fence

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The competition between vinyl ranch fences and wooden ranch fences has changed over the past few decades. A long time ago, almost all the ranch fences were made of wood and there was no other choice. However, the vinyl that was discovered by chance in the mid-1920s changed the course of history. Originally designed as a material that combines metal and rubber, this material has become the world's most popular vinyl ranch fence material. In this article, we will explain five reasons why vinyl ranch fence is popular.


Definition of vinyl ranch fence

Five reasons to choose a vinyl ranch fence



Definition of vinyl ranch fence


Vinyl ranch fencing is an aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional wood fence materials. Maintenance-Free vinyl ranch fences wont flake or rot, and never need painting. It tends to be easy to clean, resists weathering and has low maintenance requirements. However, it also can be more expensive than comparable materials, and cheaper products can be less sturdy than more traditional fence materials. Some types may become brittle, faded or degrade in quality after long exposure to extreme hot or cold conditions. Recently, titanium dioxide (TiO2) and other UV stabilisers have proven to be a beneficial additives in the manufacturing process of vinyl. This has greatly improved the durability of vinyl by providing essential UV protection from the sun's harmful rays, preventing premature ageing and cracking of the product, making it more durable than other materials such as wood.


Five reasons to choose a vinyl ranch fence


Low maintenance

For many years, vinyl fencing did not require much maintenance like a wood fence. It does not rot, chip, or warp because it is exposed to the element. It also does not foam or peel like wood.


You never need a vinyl fence for sand or stains. Vinyl fences also do not require paint to maintain their aesthetic qualities, just like a wooden fence. The only maintenance you need to do with the vinyl fence is to clean it on a daily basis using a garden hose to keep it the best.


Color and fading protection

After a new paint or stain, the wooden fence will look great. But as time goes on, the paint will peel off and the stain will fade. However, the vinyl fencing material will keep it bright and beautiful in color for many years.


This material is treated to prevent fading and has an additional layer of protection from the sun's harmful UV rays. When you choose to install a vinyl fence instead of a wooden fence, you can enjoy the benefits of a new fence that will look like in the next few years. In addition, you get the added benefit of all the latest vinyl fence colors to choose from.


Stronger and more flexible

Many homeowners looking for more fence options are vinyls that don't know the power and flexibility. It is much stronger than wood and much more flexible than wood. This allows it to endure occasional collisions with lawn equipment or branches and keep it beautiful.


This can be a huge advantage, if you decide to sell your property, install your new fence. You won't have to worry about changing fences to improve the overall beauty and value of your home, which will help get the attention of potential buyers.


Affordable and cost effective

Another benefit of installing a vinyl fence on wood is that it is so economical and cost effective. Even the best quality vinyl fencing costs are lower than you might think. Also, because they don't require too much maintenance, vinyl fences can even save you money over time.


Easy to install

Vinyl fences can be installed very easily and they are repaired or replaced without problems if needed. In addition to fixing the column to the ground, there is little work required to install the vinyl fence. Whether you decide to do it yourself or hire a professional to take care of your work, installing a vinyl fence doesn't take long and requires less effort.




The vinyl ranch fence you may be worried about is not as natural as a wooden fence. Your fears are superfluous, vinyl fences come in many different styles, colors and textures. You can choose any combination of designs to make sure your fence looks unique to all others nearby.

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