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We are the chinese vinyl fence company, but also known as some of the most reputable Utah deck builders as well.  We pride ourselves in our strong, durable product, quality installation services and exceptional warranties.

Vinyl Products

 Zhuoxin Vinyl Industries Is Proud To Be Your One Stop Shop For Fencing Products

Vinyl Fence

We are specialized in producing various kinds of Vinyl fence, like Privacy fence, Semi-Privacy fence, horse ranch fence, picket fence etc., widely decorated using in house, road, yard, school, horse race. For one section of our fence, 36", 48", 60" or 72" is selected as normal height of fence, for higher we have 86" or 96"height; 6' or 8' is selected as normal wide of fence. The customized for different size of fence is also welcomed.

Vinyl Railing

We have many different kinds and colors of Vinyl Railings, which are widely used in terrace, corridor, plywood etc.

Vinyl Railing can be collocated with metal pickets or glass pickets, they are seamless connected and strong assembled that can meet all requirements from different customers.

The customers can completely design the style that they want.

Garden Accents

We have many different kinds of Vinyl Garden products,

Like Planter box, small fence, sign post, outdoor PVC toilet booth etc., with features in Environmental-friendly, easy assembly, beautiful appearance, long lifetime use.

With our products, you can use your unlimited creativity ideas to decorate your garden.

Fence Accessories

Here you can buy all components and hardware accessories

which can be assembled the different kinds of Vinyl fence.

So if you are good at assembling a fence, you only need to buy the components you want and DIY.

Vinyl Application

 Zhuoxin Vinyl Industries Is Proud To Be Your One Stop Shop For Fencing Products

Why Choose Us

 Zhuoxin Vinyl Industries Is Proud To Be Your One Stop Shop For Fencing Products

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 can be rest assured working with us.


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