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What do you need to know about vinyl lattice fences?

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What is a lattice? A lattice fence is a structure made of wood, vinyl or other material, which is composed of thin strips arranged in a crisscross or diamond pattern with a space there between. It's a kind of vinyl fence. It can be used to close the entire perimeter of the property, such as garden walls, patio screens, balcony railings, arches, deck skirts or as separate dividers. It is also often added as a decorative feature of the landscape or as a garden lattice, allowing vines and other trailing plants to climb as they grow.

What are the advantages of a vinyl lattice fence? The vinyl lattice fences are deeply loved mainly because of their decorative aesthetics. It is a decorative alternative to other types of fences and offers versatility in cultivating cascading flowers and vines. It adds a strong restraining appeal and visual interest to any home compared to other fence types. Whether on the porch, deck or backyard, it can be used to define boundaries and provide semi-privacy. It can also be used as a divider to hide ugly views, such as air conditioning systems or garbage disposal units.

The unique design of the vinyl lattice fence provides privacy without affecting the neighbors, allowing both to enjoy the views of the surrounding area. The tightly woven slats of the lattice fence allow a small amount of sunlight to pass through and improve ventilation, giving the space a more open atmosphere and a ventilated feel. It is flexible in designing applications because we have a variety of sizes and styles to suit different needs and preferences. The space between the vinyl lattice fences also provides space for decoration or free planting. The vinyl lattice fence is also easy to install and can be a two-day “do it yourself” project. It's easy to use and doesn't take as much labor and time as other fence designs.

What are the disadvantages of vinyl lattice fences? The disadvantages of using vinyl lattice fences are few and still a little more than these negative points. There are also solutions available for each "disadvantage". When it comes to privacy, the vinyl lattice fence may not be as good as the privacy fence because of the visible flaws in its design. However, if you use it as the top of the privacy fence, you can still enjoy the lattice decoration without affecting your overall design.

Design vinyl lattice fence. Vinyl lattice fences usually have different styles, namely crisscross, square hatch, spindle, horizontal and open weave design. A crisscross grid is the most common design and is characterized by thin strips arranged in a diagonal or diamond pattern. On the other hand, the square hatch is another classic, with a square open space between the slats. The other type is a spindle lattice design consisting of a "spindle" or vertical slat in an upright pattern, while a horizontal grid has flat slats. The open weave lattice has a larger design, making it ideal for climbing vines and gardens and gazebos.

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