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If you want to decorate your garden,yard,farm and horse race with Vinyl fence,our brand SAM-UK is your best choice.Many people don’t know how many material need to get and what kind of fence is good for them,they have lots of questions before installing a fence. You can easily get answers from us,because our company is one of the most professional manufacture in Vinyl fence,we have privacy fence,semi-privacy fence,railing fence,lattice fence,picket fence and ranch rails fence etc.,available selection in more than 72 styles, warmly welcome to customize your personal fence.
1.Make drawing the fence area,calculate the total length and qty of corners(Make sure the qty of corner post,3-way post,end post,line post),we can routed correct holes for Post to install the fence easily.
2.From our web,please select your interested fence model,then make sure the height(4’,5’ and 6’ or higher 7’ and 8’) and wide (6’ and 8’) for fence.
3.Select the fence model and confirm the color (we have white,gray,tan,black brown),please provide the Pantone number for other colors you want.
4.Select the type of cap (New England cap,Gothic cap,Flat cap and Solar cap etc.)
5.Regarding the fence gate,we can make single-gate(4’,5’,6’wide) and double-gate(7’and 8’),we also can make the size as your request.
6.Please fill the below sheet according to your request and submit to get an satisfy.
First, please confirm the installation position (the cement ground or soil roads),you need to order additional 3’ length of Post under ground, then please provide the drawings, confirm the components qty,color and specifications.





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