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Why Vinyl Fence

If you want to decorate your yard or ranch, the guardrail must be an essential material. They are assembled from a variety of accessories, such as columns, crosspieces, doors, etc. Guardrails are becoming more and more popular in
the UK, and various novel styles represent people's yearning for pastoral life
and the pursuit of courtyard privacy. Choose a good guardrail and your quality
of life will improve a lot. Our vinyl fence is your best choice. Why choose vinyl
as the material for the fence? The following article will tell you.

The guardrails are distinguished by material and can be divided into wood,
vinyl, aluminum and iron. In the early days, wood was the most popular barrier material. Wood guardrails are generally painted white, and white guardrails made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are widely used. Wood guardrails are aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective, but wood is easily tarnished and requires annual maintenance, including grinding, dyeing and painting. Even if the wooden guardrail is maintained, it will fade, become gray, absorb moisture, warp and mold, and eventually the wood will turn green. Outdoors, as the wood
fence ages, it will cause insects to eat, mold and rot, which will bring dangerous
pests to your family and pets and may eventually enter your house.
Development History
In the 1980s, vinyl barriers were first introduced to agricultural pastures as a low-cost and durable horse farm fence solution. Up to now, there have been more than 30 years of application history, the relevant technology has matured, and is often used for the decoration of courtyards and pastures. The vinyl fence is also used in the side rails on the race track. As a visual obstacle, even if the horse hits the side rail, it will not cause damage to the horse.
The main process of vinyl barriers is extrusion. In order to enhance the strength of the vinyl guardrail, the fitting is usually designed as a rib structure, and in order to increase the strength, the aluminum strip can also be added. The guardrail is typically designed to be 36 to 96 inches (91 to 244 cm) high. The vinyl fence is installed without the paint coloring step. It is configured with the raw material before extrusion, and the color can be customized.

Easy installation
Vinyl guardrail installation is very convenient, first of all the installation of the column: traditionally through the tool to dig deep holes (usually 12 inches x 36 inches), first placed in the bottom of the gravel, then the column is upright into the deep hole, pouring concrete will It is fixed in place. Once they are fixed, the next step is to fix the crossbar to the post and finally to install the guardrail lever or door panel.
It is not necessary to ask the construction team to install the vinyl guardrail. You can complete the installation according to the operation guide. If the vinyl fence system is installed on the concrete pavement, then the above installation method cannot be used. Different usage environments allow flexible changes to the installation method.

Vinyl fence features:
1. Low maintenance costs
The wooden fence needs to be painted regularly, and the vinyl fence can keep the color unchanged for a long time. Even if the surface of the guardrail is exposed to dust or other contamination, the hose is easy to clean and requires only basic maintenance on a daily basis. It saves time for maintenance of guardrails and also saves on repairs and maintenance of accessories. Maintenance, repair and replacement are almost non-existent and the price/performance ratio is very high.

2. High strength
The vinyl fence has high density, smooth surface, no moisture absorption, no blistering, corrosion and falling. Therefore, vinyl fences are widely used in swimming pools, gardens, etc. On the other hand, vinyl fences are not like wooden fences, and they are never attacked by termites. Currently, titanium dioxide (TiO2) has been proven to be a more beneficial additive in the vinyl manufacturing process. By providing basic UV protection, this greatly enhances the durability of the vinyl barrier and prevents premature aging and cracking of the product.

3. Appearance
Vinyl and plastic have a similar appearance. Gives a clean, tidy, refreshing feeling.

4. Long-lasting coloring ability
Add specific anti-UV and stabilizer into the raw material formula, extrude, fix the overall color, and enhance the long-term coloring.

5. No visible fasteners
No visible fasteners are required for guardrail installation; before the guardrail is shipped, the crosspiece and the small rod are first clamped; the installation can be directly slid into the corresponding small hole.

6. Can be installed on the slope
Suitable for all kinds of uneven or inclined area installation, without affecting the concealed performance and aesthetics of the guardrail.

For these reasons, vinyl guardrails should be your first choice. If you want a clean, tidy and durable guardrail to decorate your patio, you are welcome to use our products.





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