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The 125TH Canton Fair 2019 From SAM-UK


  • How to easily protect your vinyl deck this winter?

    Every winter, the temperature may drop particularly low. There are certainly concerns about whether vinyl fence panels will crack and corrode due to low temperatures. In fact, you don't have to worry too much about this problem, because the vinyl fence can be manufactured at temperatures below 40 and will not break under the pressure of snow. It may just be unbearable because of the shoveling of your snow or the amount of ice that forms underneath it. So every winter, you just need to keep it look. In this way, in the spring of next year, it can still be as new as it was when it was built. So how do we need to protect the semi-private vinyl fence? Next, let's introduce it.

  • How to avoid tree roots when constructing a fence?

    The steps to install a vinyl fence are very simple, but if you encounter a root, it's not the same. Tree roots can be a daunting task. You need to change the location of the semi-private vinyl fence installation or remove the root of the big tree. But when neither of them works, a simple viewing bar would be a good choice. After all, cutting the roots is definitely unhealthy for trees and in some cases may cause trees to die. When encountering such problems, be sure to have sufficient preparations to resolve them. Invasive or aggressive root growth reduces the structural and aesthetic integrity of the fence because its columns cannot align or cause the fence to bend. So how do we avoid roots?

  • How do you attach the lattice to the bottom of the deck?

    Today, vinyl fence panels are used more and more widely. More and more people are aware of the benefits of vinyl fences, and everyone will choose vinyl more and give up the traditional fence. After all, vinyl lattice fence do not require frequent maintenance, do not need to be replaced, do not need to spray paint, and can basically be used for more than ten years. Its variety of types allows people to have more choices. Even if you like the look of a traditional wooden fence, there will be resin materials to make it look like a wooden fence. Vinyl fences also have more privacy, hiding places that people don't want to be known. Installation is also very simple. Then you may also want to know how to add the grid to the bottom of the deck. Next we will introduce how to add.

  • Advantages of vinyl railings in coastal climates

    In coastal areas, backyard fences are subject to greater challenges due to special climatic conditions. Traditional wooden fences, steel fences, and cast iron fences are devastated by the coastal climate. For this, I believe many people will be very upset. Then the vinyl fence can solve your problem. It will not rust, corrode, decompose, crack, peel off after being blistered by salt water, nor will it be hot after sun exposure. Therefore, people in the coastal areas must quickly choose a Semi Private Vinyl Fence. It will certainly make you satisfied. Let us introduce the advantages of vinyl fences in coastal areas.

  • 4 easy ways to clean vinyl fences

    Many people's homes should be equipped with a variety of fences. I believe that everyone will choose the most suitable for their own before installation. I think the vinyl fence must be a fence that fits well in any courtyard. They are very versatile and give you lots of choices. It may have a lot of investment in the early stage, but it is simple to install, does not require painting, and can be used for many years without maintenance and replacement, which means that the total cost is very low. But vinyl fences, like any outdoor furniture, can get dirty. Fortunately, unlike many other types of materials, semi-private vinyl fences are very easy to clean. Here are some simple ways to help you clean it.

  • What is a vinyl ranch fence?

    Nowadays, vinyl fences are everywhere, not wooden fences, and you might be wondering why people are starting to use vinyl fences. I will tell you what a vinyl fence is and how it compares to a traditional fence.

  • How to Build a Vinyl Ranch Fence ?

    Today's ranch is using vinyl ranch fences, and because of the superiority of vinyl ranch fences, more people are willing to spend time and money to install vinyl ranch fences. But how to properly install the vinyl ranch fence is important because it is a life-long vinyl ranch fence. If there is a mistake, you may have to use a bad vinyl ranch fence for a long time. So you should clear how to build a vinyl ranch fence.






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