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How to install vinyl gate?

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See this article, maybe you want to install a gate for your courtyard to add fence accessories. Ordinary wooden gates are classic, but they will fall off paint and be easily eroded by rain. Metal gates may also rust. Vinyl can perfectly overcome these shortcomings, so let's take a look at the installation steps of the vinyl gate.

Building the gate

Assemble the vinyl gate according to the manufacturer's instructions. Many manufacturers offer related kits when you buy vinyl gates. Often, all you need to do is cut the panel and add the gate kit assembly with vinyl cement. Measure the size before buying.

Set the gatepost

When you set up posts and panels, it's a good idea to estimate them. This way you can be sure that your gatepost is precisely positioned. Your first gatepost will be installed on the panel before it. Once the gate is assembled, you can set up another gatepost.

1. Cutting gate width and hardware. Use it to help locate the exact position of another gatepost.

2. Mark the location to determine the appropriate digging depth and diameter. But when you don't know the depth and diameter you want to dig, go to the relevant department to understand the building code, so that your vinyl gate is not in compliance.

3. Confirm the building code and add gravel to the bottom of the gate post hole. Secure the post  in place and secure it with clips and brackets.

4. Concrete was added within 2 inches from the top of the hole. Remove the bubbles from the coagulation according to the instructions on the instructions.

5. Use tools to make sure the top of the post is even.

6. Wait a day or two for the concrete to be completely fixed before installing the gate.

Hanging gate

step 1

Install the vinyl gate hardware on the rails of the gate: Place the hinge in the center of the rail leaving approximately 3/4 of an inch between the gate edge and the hinge pin.

Mark the position of the screw hole: Drill the guide hole into the guide rail so that it does not split.

The hinges are fastened to the rails with screws: some hinges include elongated holes that allow adjustment.

When using screws, the drilling speed is slower.

Step 2

Place the vinyl gate in the gate opening between the hinge and the latch post.

Place a block under the gate to temporarily secure it in place.

Step 3

Align the fence rails with the fence rails. When the rails are aligned, the hinge rests on the post.

Step 4

Secure the gate hinge to the hinge post with screws and use the screws to flush the gate handle to the edge of the gate.

Step 5

Attach the arm to the handle and grasp the latch lever on the post to align it with the arm on the handle.

Step 6

Mark the hole, drill the hole and screw it in. If your gate lock hardware package has a thumb latch, secure it in place so that the inner latch opens and closes smoothly, then secure it to the post with screws.

The above is the basic steps to install the vinyl gate, I hope to help you. We are a professional manufacturer of vinyl gates, we have other kinds of high quality vinyl products, you are welcome to visit the official website for details.






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