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What different materials are used to make garden decoration?

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We have such colorful and diverse garden decorations thanks to the diverse vinyl production materials available today. Even though they all come from the vinyl group, there are many variations in their production performance. What are materials of the vinyl garden accents? How do you choose them? Don't worry, this article will answer these questions.


Here comes the context:

1.        What is PVC Material Used in Garden Accents?

2.        What is CPVC Material Used in Garden Accents?

3.        What Are Differences Between These Two Material?


What is PVC Material Used in Garden Accents?

The most popular garden decors type on the market is the vinyl garden decors of PVC, which is used as the base material for vinyl caps as well as the pretty and tough vinyl gate. PVC has strong anticorrosion and toughness. Common iron garden decorations tend to get rust, while ordinary plastic garden decors tend to be damaged, but vinyl garden accessories overcome both of these weaknesses. It is not an accident that it is so popular. Vinyl garden accents has got this reputation step by step by virtue of its own advantages.

1.        Tensile strength

The change of the tensile sample is consistent before it bears the max. However, after it exceeds the max, the material of which begins to show the appearance of neck shrinkage, that is, the concentrated change begins to exist. And for materials like PVC, it reflects the fracture resistance of materials. This special advantage of PVC garden decors is related to the temperature. When the temperature is 20 degrees, the tensile strength of PVC garden decors can reach 530kg/c㎡, and when the temperature is 40 degrees, it will drop to 400kg/c㎡.

2.        Chemical resistance

PVC garden decors has excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, not affected by moisture and soil acidity and alkalinity, garden decors laying does not need any anticorrosive treatment.

3.        Aging resistance

Coating surface treatment makes vinyl garden decors have solid surface at the same time also reflect light, which can avoid the ultraviolet radiation aging on PVC garden ornaments, make vinyl garden ornaments have very good aging resistance, which can improve the performance of PVC garden accessories, suitable for mass production.


What is CPVC Material Used in Garden Accents?

CPVC garden decors is a kind of material that is widely used in our life. Its raw material is a kind of material produced by relatively complex processing and has relatively excellent performance. CPVC garden ornaments patience is very good, can adapt to various environment, so it is very suitable for CPVC intended as a protective layer of garden ornaments.

1.        Dimensional stability

CPVC garden ornaments have good dimensional stability.

Many materials after heating treatment, because of the molecular permutations and chemical structure changes, often resulting in the size of the original products, or even distortion or melting hardening reaction. The smaller the size change after heating, the better the size stability.

2.        Changeability

The hardness and softness of the final product can be easily adjusted by adding different plasticizers to the production of this kind vinyl garden accessories.


What Are Differences Between These Two Material?

Have introduced the above two kinds of vinyl garden ornaments varieties of raw materials, so what is the difference between them, how should you choose?

1.        Distortion temperature

PVC garden ornaments of the distortion temperature is 71 to 75 degrees, CPVC product the distortion temperature is 100 to 125 degrees. The higher the temperature, the better the thermal deformation resistance of the product. However, in our daily life use, both of the materials can meet our requirements.

2.        Drop weight test strength

The impact resistance of CPVC material is higher than that of ordinary PVC2 or above.

3.        Water pressure resistance

The water pressure resistance of CPVC material is higher than that of common PVC material.


As vinyl has the advantage of high cost performance and low construction cost, vinyl garden decors have gradually replaced other metal decorations, as well as PVC and CPVC garden accents come in as the first choice in modern garden decoration due to their convenient and fast maintenance. If you want to own the best quality, the most beautiful decorations for your garden, you are welcome to buy from Taizhou zhuoxin co., LTD.






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