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Will garden decoration have a better development?

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In recent years, which is known as a slow art, garden ornament industry is in the unceasing development due to the introduction of more different style, let more owners realize the beauty of garden decoration. But does this back-to-basics lifestyle really have a place in a fast-paced life? You will know the answer after reading this article.


Here comes the context:

1.        What is Development of Garden Decoration Today?

2.        What Future will Garden Decoration Have?

3.        What will Styles of Garden Decoration be?


What is Development of Garden Decoration Today?

Along the way, with the speeding up of processing steps, the development of China's industries is different degree, garden ornaments industry is no exception, equivalent variable accumulated to a certain degree, is bound to happen qualitative change, garden decors transformation is also quietly. When the economy develops to a certain level, people begin to seek spiritual improvement. Through the experience of garden life concept ahead of the situation, may give us some thinking. After all, what is the development situation of the garden decors industry in China? Where will the garden decors industry go?


What Future will Garden Decoration Have?

After the rapid development of the large landscape decors industry, it has developed to garden decors and other small industries, and private courtyard has become an important living place for people.

Not only such, garden ornaments consumer market is booming, just like all the people participate in, partly stems from yearning of ordinary citizens towards the gardening life, on the other hand also react on the premise of rich life, people began to pursue a life style garden, you know, healthy life is the most popular trend.

In the future, local garden decoration companies are also conducted in view of the different social cultural experience, production enterprise is given priority to with planting experience, production experience, and mainly carried out is the garden ornaments such as adornment enterprise culture experience project, its purpose is to be fostered child get close to gardening accomplishment, gardening, and get close to  nature.

Garden decors industry gets through being combined with education, or let more people study into gardening, expand market terminal, further expand the market consumption group, this is called the gardening socialization education. Eventually market become large and complex, and the garden accents industry is no longer a simple binary relation, production and sales of garden ornaments industry chain stretched subdivision, garden ornaments formats become diversified, so gardening socialization education has a strong market leadership.


What will Styles of Garden Decoration be?

Garden ornaments and trend keeps in sync, its style and types in the future there will be more development, listed below are two of the most popular garden accents design.

1.        Postmodern style

Postmodern style is a design trend and concept that revises modernism in form. It often sets exaggerated and deformed columns and fractured arches in gardens, or combines the abstract forms of classical garden decoration with new techniques.

In other words, it adopts unconventional methods such as mixing, superposition, dislocation and fission, and means such as symbol and metaphor to shape the garden environment. The use of vinyl garden accents in large numbers, glass, ceramic tile new technology, comprehensive use at the garden. The vinyl garden fence, the vinyl garden gate and other decorations are made with curves and asymmetrical lines, as well as beautiful, wavy patterns of nature.

2.        Mashup Style

Mixed style garden decors integrate the essence elements of eastern and western aesthetics, perfectly combines the ancient and modern cultural connotations, and makes full use of spatial forms and garden decors materials to create a personalized garden environment. it is not simply to put various styles of elements together to do the addition, but the main and secondary combination of garden decors. Garden accents mix whether successful, the key to see whether harmony.

Chinese and western elements of garden accents mix is the mainstream, followed by modern and traditional garden decors mix. In same space, no matter be tradition and contemporary, still be mix well of Chinese and western, want to give priority to with style of a kind of garden decorations, rely on local design to add dimensional level. At the beginning of the garden decors mashup, the most critical work is to determine a major garden decors keynote or seize a garden decors theme, as long as you find the main line, determine the style, you're halfway there.


No matter what type of garden decors is, the most important is to choose the one you like. In fact, in terms of style, we still need to use special garden ornaments and changes of plant shapes to create a beautiful garden. Consumers can choose according to their own hobbies. Taizhou zhuoxin plastics co., LTD., which has specialized in high quality vinyl garden accents for more than 10 years, welcomes customers to come and buy our products.






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