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What are the better places for garden ornaments than others?

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The display of garden adornment wants beautiful already, want practical again, cannot handy come, place at will. Just like the interior decoration needs the attention of the owners and designers, the position that the garden decors put also needs owner people careful consideration


Here comes the context:

1.        What are Tips for Putting Garden Decors?

2.        What are Notes for Purchasing Garden Accents?

3.        Why is Placement of Garden Ornaments so Important?


What are Tips for Putting Garden Decors?

All kinds of garden ornaments vary because of its garden environment. The decoration of garden entrance should be in harmony with the facilities at the garden entrance. Set up near the house decoration, should pay attention to the function of the houses and the style of the two is unified, relatively speaking, you how to use the garden ornaments is quite free, as long as used properly, all can become the best place for garden adornment.

1.        Specification

The size and height of the space are the basis for determining the size of garden adornment. The size and height of the garden decors are proportional to the space.

2.        Match colors

The color around the garden decors is the basis for determining the color of the ornament. There are two common methods: one to match the harmony color and the other to match the contrast color. The colors of garden decors close to the placement point are harmonious colors, such as red with pink and white with gray, yellow with orange and so on. Contrast colors with those of the stronger garden decors, such as black with white, blue with yellow, white with green, etc.

3.        Collocation

The shape of the garden decors is what determines how well they work with each other. The usual recipe is square, round and round, but if you use contrast, different shapes of garden decors can also be combined for unexpected results.

4.        Light

The light of the position of the garden adornment is the basis of determining the brightness of the ornaments.

If you put them in the position of the light in the garden, color of garden adornment can be relatively softer and darker, In the dark place, put the garden adornment of bright colors.

5.        Function of space

Put space function is to determine the types of garden ornaments. What kind of garden ornaments is put in this space, and what is the function of the space must be taken into consideration?


What are Notes for Purchasing Garden Accents?

How important is garden ornaments, I believe that many have a garden owner have experience greatly? A reasonable garden ornaments can give a person with a sense of home. Now garden ornaments when consumer choose and buy, want to know the garden ornaments to buy back and put an effect. Garden ornaments placed was in fact a very fee physical and mental, needs from aspects such as color, space, aesthetic, nature ray of light to create an atmosphere. So, when choosing ornaments, what are the main points of the need to pay attention to?

1.        First, you need to be familiar with the overall layout of your garden. In other words, you need to have a rough idea of where to put the garden accents. You will need to see the garden plan is put accents, before place adorn garden ornaments, according to the garden decoration drawings listed a solution.

2.        The main garden ornaments should be decorated first, after the completion of which, we need to set small garden adornment as well. Garden ornaments at the time of placement, need according to difference functions of garden area for operation, such as water area, rest area, what accessories should we put are different. When put the garden ornaments, we had better pay attention to symmetry, space, distinct.

3.        After arranging garden accessories according to the plan and the situation of the site, we need to check and fine-tune the whole. When adjusting, it is necessary to pay attention to the color coordination of garden accessories and plants, and whether the positions of garden accessories are put in the correct position, etc.


Why is Placement of Garden Ornaments so Important?

Garden accessories is a place we pass every day. Therefore, garden accessories are quite smart.

Garden accessories has two major functions. One is to beautify the garden environment and enrich the decorative colors of the garden. Therefore, it is a good choice to display some garden accessories or folk handicrafts that everyone likes in the living room, such as porcelain, dolls, calligraphy and painting, root carvings, etc.

Garden accents is just a category of works of art, but both the classic products and the popular ones represent the state of our life, as well as the carriers of people's pursuit of a better life. This kind of garden accents may be due to styling, perhaps due to the color, perhaps due to feeling, forming the resonance with the people, thus in the spirit joyful us, which can form this kind of function the element deeply in our daily life, we needs to discover, to process, thus designs the more outstanding garden accents.


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