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What is Composition of Vinyl Garden Mailbox?

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Have you ever wondered what the vinyl garden mailbox in your garden is made of and what are its ingredients? Despite the different garden styles, each garden must have a facility. That's the garden mailbox. If you are interested in vinyl mailboxes, why not read this article?


Here comes the context:

1.        What is Composition of Vinyl Garden Mailbox?

2.        How to Maintain Vinyl Garden Mailbox?

3.        Why Should You Choose Our Vinyl Garden Mailbox?


What is Composition of Vinyl Garden Mailbox?

Garden mailbox is one of the supporting products of garden, which is mainly used to help owners receive various emails or other written things. In addition, garden mailbox has a special function -- decoration function, which can be said to explore its value to the extreme. In different stages, garden mailbox has different characteristics and represents different meanings. Its components are shown below:

1.        Mailbox

Garden mailbox from the use of materials, surface treatment technology is divided into cold-rolled steel spray, stainless steel, cast iron, cast aluminum, aluminum alloy, wood, stainless steel letter box. Garden mailbox from the door plate opening mode is divided into general open-door type general mechanical lock mail box, delivery mouth type mail box. Vinyl garden mailbox is divided into silk-screen printing, etching or etching color-filled letter boxes according to the process of writing and pattern making.

2.        Mailbox Lock

The structure of vinyl garden mailbox lock is relatively simple, with a lock core rotating through the key to open and close the lock. It only needs to make an opening on one side of the mailbox door and fix it with screwdriver and screws. The position of the opening is determined by the length of the lock.

3.        Pole

The vinyl garden mailbox is fixed at the top of the pole, which provides support between the vinyl garden mailbox and the ground. The selection of the pole is related to the lifetime of the vinyl garden mailbox.


How to Maintain Vinyl Garden Mailbox?

Most vinyl garden mailboxes are in the entrance to the garden, and we should pay attention to the hygiene of vinyl garden mailboxes for the sake of good looks in the garden and longer life of itself.

1.        Clean the vinyl garden mailbox regularly, and don't put too much pressure on it. Be careful not to scratch the vinyl garden mailbox surface. Do not scrub the vinyl garden mailbox surface with coarse and sharp materials.

2.        Avoid using detergent solution, steel ball and grinding tools containing bleaching ingredients and abrasive agents. In order to avoid residual detergent corroding the vinyl garden mailboxes surface, clean water should be used at the end of washing.

3.        Vinyl garden mailboxes having dust and dirt on the surface which are easy to remove, use soap, weak washing, adhesive ingredients, and scrub with alcohol or organic solvents.

4.        Clean the garden mailboxes with the vinyl garden mailboxes covered with grease, oil or lube oil with a soft cloth and then clean them with a neutral or ammonia solution or special detergent.

5.        If bleach and various acids adhere to the surface of garden mailboxes, rinse immediately with water, then soak with ammonia solution or neutral carbonated soda solution, wash with neutral detergent or warm water.


Why Should You Choose Our Vinyl Garden Mailbox?

Taizhou zhuoxin plastics co., LTD. tries it best to develop scientifically, rigorously and mature in its sustainable development. We accept advanced management, vinyl garden mailbox production technology, experience and high standards from all over the world to improve ourselves and our vinyl garden mailbox products. Our vinyl garden mailbox has a reasonable price and high competitiveness. We adopt vinyl materials and accept your all-round customization. We are a national high-tech enterprise with strong independent research and development strength and large-scale global supply capacity.


And that's the composition of the vinyl garden mailbox. With the vinyl garden mailbox gaining momentum in recent years, it's the best time to buy the vinyl garden mailbox. If you need any advice, please consult our customer service. We are happy to provide you with all the information you need. You are welcome to come to Taizhou zhuoxin plastics co., ltd. to purchase your desired garden accents.






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