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The 125TH Canton Fair 2019 From SAM-UK


  • Can you cut vinyl fence panels?

    The only disadvantage of vinyl fence panels is their poor stiffness. Therefore, in the assembly structure, the lining steel is added as a reinforcing rib in the plastic structural member according to the wind load requirement to make up for the deficiency. The vinyl fence panel does not require paint and maintenance, and the old and new are not old, eliminating the fatigue and trouble of maintenance. Easy to manufacture and install, it is installed with patented squeegee connection or proprietary connection accessories, which greatly improves installation efficiency. The vinyl fence panel has a wide variety of specifications, a variety of shapes, European and American styles and today's fashion, which can show the noble and modern beauty.

  • Best Way to Paint a Picket Fence

    ​A good vinyl picket fence may be strong, but it will be corroded and damaged one day. If you have lived in your home for more than ten years, you can change the vinyl picket fence many times during this period, and at least paint and fix it many times. As long as vinyl picket fence is maintained and maintained, its service life will be longer . However, maintenance and maintenance are not as complicated as you think. Vinyl picket fencing don't need painting or decoration, but if you want to change the color, you can certainly paint. So, how should we paint the fence? The following article introduces the simple steps of painting the vinyl picket fence.

  • How to build vinyl lattice fence panels

    Selecting a vinyl lattice fence panel requires the selection of a professional, well-known manufacturer or company. Both high quality, high performance products can be obtained and purchased at a reasonable price. And have a comprehensive after-sales service, to solve more worries for everyone.

  • Pros and cons of vinyl fence panels

    You may have noticed that many of your neighbors have replaced their wooden fences with vinyl fence panels , or that more municipal projects have replaced traditional fences with vinyl fences. Are you curious about these changes? So you want to know why vinyl fence panels is so popular?

  • Best Way to Cut Vinyl Fence

    The vinyl fences currently in use are becoming more and more common. You can try installing a vinyl fence at home. In fact, its installation is very simple. If you can succeed, you will have a very beautiful fence and a sense of accomplishment. So let's take a look at the specific steps to install a vinyl fence.

  • Pros of Vinyl Privacy Fence

    Maybe you have noticed that a lot of your neighbors have replaced their wood fence with vinyl privacy fence, or more municipal engineering have used vinyl privacy fence instead of the traditional ones. Are you curious about the changes? Do you want to know the reasons for the popularity of vinyl privacy fence?

  • How to install vinyl gate?

    See this article, maybe you want to install a gate for your courtyard to add fence accessories. Ordinary wooden gates are classic, but they will fall off paint and be easily eroded by rain. Metal gates may also rust. Vinyl can perfectly overcome these shortcomings, so let's take a look at the installation steps of the vinyl gate.






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