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Why are vinyl fencing panels the best weatherproof hardware?

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Storms are an uncontrollable environmental factor for all of us, and one of the most serious reasons for destroying your yard. Although the sun will still hang high under the rain, we can protect it with vinyl fence panels. At the same time, the vinyl fence can also decorate your house and make your house more beautiful. However, some people would like to ask, there are many protective measures. Why do you want to choose a vinyl fence? Next, we will analyze the most prominent environmental hazards, and the environmental hazards need to be solved with vinyl fence panels.



What are the environmental risks and how can they be solved?

1. Corrosion

2. Extreme wind

3. Insect infection

4. Sun exposure

5. Frost fluctuations





Corrosion caused by rain is one of the most common dangers of any fence. Over the years, when rain has become a climatic factor, it is difficult for metal fences to maintain their luster. Moisture is also harmful to wood. Over time, it grinds wood fibers in a process called delignification, which weakens the wooden fence.


There are strategies to prevent corrosion from affecting the fence. Expensive stains can be purchased every year and applied to the fence to protect the wood. This does not prevent the wood from producing moisture damage, but it can help slow down the process.


However, if a vinyl fence is used, a natural waterproof fence can be provided. There is no need to spend money on expensive stains and paint that must be applied to wooden fences every spring.



Extreme wind


If the place where you live is on a higher ground or valley, natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes are inevitable. Even if you are used to strong wind gusts, your fence is not. They will be very fragile when the wind begins to spin. Also, if your columns are not deep enough on the ground, they may move slowly and cause the rest of the fence to tilt.


Vinyl fences can withstand strong gusts. The flexibility of the panel also allows the vinyl to be reset after a strong wind. Other materials can also be used to grind vinyl fence posts. Fences with concrete foundations are more stable in the ground and do not move during wind.



Insect infection


Wooden fences in warm climates are an important target for pests. Some of the most common insects can also damage your fence.


Termites like to eat any type of wood. They are either nested in wood or underground and can rapidly spread their colonies.

Wood drilled beetles are similar in that they like to play on wood. They drilled holes in the fence and laid eggs. Once they hatch, the larvae stay on the wood for months and eat them on the wood until they grow wings and find more wood elsewhere.

Carpenter ants are not the same as regular ants. If you live in a wet area, it will be a big problem. They will drill into the wet wood to build a nest and weaken the wood.


But if you use a vinyl fence, there is no harm from bugs. Vinyl materials do not attract insects and do not soften and become weak in wet environments.



Sun exposure


If you live in an area that has been exposed to the sun for a long time, the sun will fade the color of the wooden fence over time. If you live in a damp place, the heat from the rain and the sun can cause the wood to crack and bend.


However, the vinyl fence can remain as it is under ultra-low temperature and ultra-high temperature without losing its original shape and color. You can also block the dangers of sun exposure for your car or valuables.



Vinyl fences can satisfy your needs at the same time, why not? The vinyl fence panels requires almost no maintenance, does not cost you a lot of time, is easy to install, and has a long life. So hurry up and move.






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