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Advantages and disadvantages of different fence accessories

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First of all, before we conduct a survey on the differences of fence accessories with different materials, we should have some knowledge of raw materials of garden fence fittings, no matter from whose appearance, morphology, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, etc., so that we can compare them and know the differences and shining points of different kinds of fence accessories, let us have a brief look.


Here comes the context:

1. What Are Advantages of Different Fence Accessories?

2. What Are Disadvantages of Different Fence Accessories?

3. What is Cost-performance of Fence Accessories?


What Are Advantages of Different Fence Accessories?

The most common fence accessories in the market are the following. Let's first look at their advantages separately.

1. iron fence accessories

The column of iron fence accessories adopts concrete pouring parts, which has low engineering cost, high strength and good overall coordination. The colored plastic layer has good anti-erosion and decorative effects. It is a fence fitting for professional use in railway and railway closed places.

Protective iron fence fittings are widely used in highway, railway, and waste landfill test sites. They have the characteristics of use, beauty, open vision.

2. Aluminum alloy fence accessories

The surface of the aluminum alloy fence accessories is tightly attached to a hard aluminum oxide film, and the craft can further enhance its protective properties. Therefore, the fence accessories have strong corrosion resistance, so the air pollution or the weather is bad. The area can be used with peace of mind to solve the worries of maintenance.

3. Vinyl fence accessories

The vinyl fence accessories have a variety of surface treatments, such as thermal transfer, baking varnish, etc. According to the customer's own needs, vinyl fence accessories manufacturers can supply a variety of products, and they are invariant stability and have a long life.


What Are Disadvantages of Different Fence Accessories?

1. Iron fence accessories

Iron fence accessories also have their own shortcomings. Firstly, fittings of iron fence are easy to rust when they are used. In this case, it will also increase the cost of maintenance and use. Secondly, the color of fittings of iron fence is fixed, so the corresponding aesthetics is poor.

2. Aluminum alloy accessories

Aluminum alloy fence accessories will perform better, but it is definitely not perfect. One of the more prominent flaws of aluminum alloy fence accessories is that they cost little more. Second, the strength of aluminum alloys fence fittings is not as high as that of iron fence accessories.

3. Vinyl fence accessories

The raw material of vinyl fence accessories is vinyl, so the vinyl material has the defects, and the vinyl fence fittings also has the same; it does not have the natural texture, so it can accept the heat transfer technology or the film-making technology to make its appearance change. Compared to other profiles, vinyl fence accessories are relatively not resistant to high temperatures.


What is Cost-performance of Fence Accessories?

When users use vinyl fence accessories, they hope that it has a good cost-performance. Whether a product is cost-effective or not, you first need to see how it performs in use. For example, to what extent the UV resistance is available when using vinyl fence accessories is the most important cost-performance premise. When users use this vinyl fence accessories, they hope to have a good experience, but when it is UV resistant when the ability has declined, there is no way to meet this requirement.

Of course, a cost-effective vinyl fence accessory also needs to have better performance when used. If the vinyl fence accessories have no corresponding performance in the process of use, it is equivalent to deviating from the user's purpose of use, and in this case, it has low cost performance, and the performance mentioned here also includes many aspects. One is what it looks like when it is used, because the vinyl fence fitting itself has a certain degree of decoration, so its appearance is also an important prerequisite for cost performance. Since it is a vinyl fence accessory, it needs to achieve the corresponding protective effect.


After reading the three most popular types of fence accessories, do you have a heartfelt? Each of fence fittings has its own flaws and flash points. The key is how you can maximize its cost-performance. Taizhou Zhuoxin plastics co., Ltd., who has the advance technology in fence accessories industry, as your loyal friend, looking forward to your purchase.

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