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Installation procedure of vinyl fence

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Installation procedure of vinyl fence

Although many fences designed for privacy or decoration have traditionally been made of wood, vinyl fences have become very popular. Vinyl railings is a convenient alternative to traditional wooden fence. Not only does it not decay, it usually does not need to be painted. Vinyl fences don't age like wooden fences. To install the vinyl fence, simply connect the prefabricated fence section to the post. This article will show you how to install the vinyl railings by yourself.


How to prepare before the installation of the vinyl fences?

The installation steps of the vinyl railings in detail

What problems might be encountered during the installation?


How to prepare before the installation of the vinyl fences?

1.      Prepare the ground: Clear and level the area where vinyl fencing will be installed to make the installation process as easy as possible. You can remove any shrubs, plants, trees or fixed objects that hinder your planning of the vinyl railings. Please call the local utility excavator hotline to tag all underground pipelines before any excavation. Many areas have their own excavator hotline code.

2.      Measure the area: Depending on the size and shape of the yard, or the area that needs the vinyl fences, you may need to consider other configurations and shapes. In either case, you need to measure the area required to find out how many vinyl railings you need to buy. Take these measurements to the home improvement store to buy supplies. You can place stakes on the corners of the vinyl fence perimeter and use them to secure the area with ropes before the project starts, or you can paint the perimeter of the vinyl fences.

3.      Purchase the vinyl fencing for the area: You can buy vinyl fences that are 2 to 8 feet (0.6 to 2.4 m) long. If the area you want to fence is large, please buy larger vinyl railings and make sure the quantity is enough.

4.      Mark location: After purchasing enough posts, vinyl fences and the necessary kits to make the vinyl railings, mark the location of the posts and the length between the posts required to ensure that your vinyl fence is installed in the right conditions.


The installation steps of the vinyl railings in detail

1.      Dig holes for your vinyl fences: Use a powerful auger or hand reamer to drill holes 10 inches (25.4 cm) in diameter. The depth of the column hole should be sufficient to accommodate 1 / 3 of the column length, with an additional 6 inches left to form a gravel base.

2.      Place one vinyl fence at a time: After the holes of the holes have been excavated, the next step is to firmly install each hole before connecting each hole to the vinyl fences section. Always follow the manufacturer's installation instructions, but it is generally recommended that the columns be fixed with gravel and concrete during installation.

3.      Inclined concrete: scrape the excess concrete off the column with a slot, so that the concrete is inclined downward from the pole. This prevents water from accumulating around the pole. Let the concrete dry completely during the installation of the vinyl fences.

4.      Install vinyl fence sections between each post: Normally, the vinyl fence section will snap into place. Follow the specific manufacturer's instructions for the vinyl fence section as some may slide into half of the post. If necessary, screw the rail to the end of each section and then to the post on the floor.

5.      Connect the top of the vinyl fence column with the hardware provided: follow the manufacturer's instructions. In general, most vinyl fence kits come with decorative covers that you can attach to them.


What problems might be encountered during the installation?

1.      Vinyl expands at high temperatures and shrinks at low temperatures, so avoid installing vinyl fences in extremely hot or cold weather, as they may warp and break.

2.      It's also important to purchase a vinyl door kit for the fence of your choice.

3.      If you don't have a auger or excavator, you can rent an electric auger at a home improvement store or dig it with a shovel, although it will take longer.

4.      Check and make sure the pole is vertical using a spirit level and move to the next post hole. Continue installing all posts of the vinyl railings and return to the beginning and make sure it's in place again. Pre drilling a pilot hole before installing the rail screw may be helpful and may be necessary.

5.      In order to keep the new vinyl fences in good condition, you need to clean it approximately once or twice a year.


As far as I am concerned, now you will know the installation procedure of vinyl fence in detail.






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