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Is it safe to power washing a vinyl fence?

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Your vinyl fence is very clean and tidy when it is just installed. But the sun, rain and wind make the strongest fences no longer clean and tidy. If you haven't cleaned your fence for a long time, then you can take a good look. Is the fence now dirty and dark? If yes, then you need to clean your vinyl lattice fence. Although it is best to use a vinyl fence to clean the fence by hand, only a cleaning solution, a soft cloth, or a brush is required. But many people still don't want to clean by their hands. Can they be cleaned with an electric washer? Next we will analyze the electric cleaner cleaning.


The general content list of the article:

1.  Pressure cleaning is possible

2.  Which cleaning solution to choose

3.  Cleaning tips

4.  Suggest


Pressure cleaning is possible

The vinyl fence is almost maintenance-free and does not require painting and cleaning is very easy. Dirt can start with just dust, but over time, the longer the dirt gets, the more difficult it is to handle. After all, it is exposed to the sun, and it will be destroyed by the storm. After the rain and dust, the dirt in the environment will accumulate. Therefore, ordinary cleaning does not necessarily clean all the dirt, and pressure washing is required at this time. Pressure rinsing combines high-speed water spray and cleaning solutions to remove dirt and dirt and restore shine. According to home construction and improvement, pressure cleaning removes dirt and dirt without damaging the fence.


Which cleaning solution to choose

It is best not to use too high a concentration of cleaning agent to clean vinyl fences. After all, vinyl is a plastic material to avoid damaging the fence itself. Although the fence was cleaned, the original vinyl structure was damaged, which would not be worth the candle. It is best to buy a cleaning solution for a pressure washer at a hardware store or to make a cleaning solution at home. A mild detergent or diluted bleach is the ideal cleaning solution. It is also necessary to use a suitable cleaning solution.


Cleaning tips

Generally for small dirt, it is sufficient to spray the fence with a high speed hose. After all, using a too high-strength cleaner can also cause damage to the vinyl fence. For more difficult work, use a pressure washer. When cleaning vinyl fences, pressure washers must be used on top of the fence and the fence must be cleaned from top to bottom. If you still have stubborn stains after pressure cleaning, use a soft brush and a non-abrasive cleaner to clean the fence.



— Test the electric washer on a small corner of the vinyl fence to ensure it is placed on the PSI without damage.

— Place the sprayer 3 to 4 feet from the fence and slowly swing the nozzle back and forth like a pendulum.

— Rinse any cleaning solution residue with water and do not let the solution stay for more than 10 minutes.

— Pressure washers require some skill to use. It is best to take a mentoring course or contact a professional power cleaning company.


Electric washers must not be washed for a long time to clean vinyl lattice fences. After all, vinyl fence panels need to be taken care of. Don't stay too long for the cleaning solution. After all, it is not good to keep the cleaning solution for too long. When cleaning with an electric washer, be aware that the water is very hot. Beware of pets, joggers, youth texting, blind neighbors, etc. that anyone who may be hampering you.






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