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Vinyl Fence FAQ

  • How is a Zhuoxin fence installed?

    Basically, Zhuoxin’s fences are installed just like wood fences. Most components are precut and routed from the factory. First, posts are secured to the ground with concrete footings. Then rails are inserted into posts and finally pickets into rails. A properly installed Zhuoxin fence is a strong, durable, lifetime fence. 

  • How can it be cleaned?

    All of our Zhuoxin fence, railing systems, and garden accessories are designed to be maintenance-free and usually only require the occasional rinse with a garden hose. If more serious cleaning is necessary, a soft bristled brush with detergent or even a mild bleach solution will do the trick. Cleaning products should always be tested on a hidden section of your product before using on exposed areas.

  • Is it strong?

    www.fenceproduct.com is proud to bring you Zhuoxin’s vinyl products which have 5 times the tensile strength and 4 times the flexibility of wood. Zhuoxin has improved it’s performance by making it’s systems even sturdier by adding cross-braces in gates, reinforced ribs in rails, and has increased the stability of it’s railing system with maintenance-free metal inserts. 

  • Is Zhuoxin fence material safe for horses?

    Yes. Zhuoxin has been serving the equine community since 1998. Zhuoxin’s smooth vinyl surface discourages horses from chewing, leaning and rubbing against the fence to scratch themselves.

  • The impact resistance of the vinyl fence

    In the winter, as the temperature drops, vinyl fence properties such as toughness and elongation at break will change, and the vector characteristics of low-temperature creep of the profiles will occur, which will result in a decrease in impact strength. However, when designing formulations, we will customize the reasonableness according to different regional requirements. And will be based on the size requirements of the fence, assembling reinforced lining steel to ensure strength.

  • The aging problem of the vinyl fence

    Vinyl fence products have certain requirements for weather ability, in particular, American standard ASTM F964-09 "Executive Specifications for Rigid Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Extrusion Profiles for Outdoor Fences and Handrails" especially strict. Therefore, a certain amount of ultraviolet shielding agent (titanium dioxide, special UV absorbers for PVC, etc.) and antioxidants will be added to the fence products, and other auxiliary modifiers will also select stabilizers, calcium carbonate, and anti-crush that affect the weather ability and other materials.






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