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How To Build a Picket Fence Gate?

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Perhaps you would consider installing a gate as fence accessories for your garden or courtyard, but you don't want a traditional wooden gate because you don't want to bother to maintain it, and you may not want a metal gate because you run the risk of rust. Then our vinyl gate is perfect for you. If you want to compare unique styles, then today we will introduce you to our vinyl picket fence gates and tell you how to install them.

Before you start install your picket fence gate:

When planning a vinyl pickte fence gate, keep in mind that many municipalities have special restrictions on fences that are more than 5 feet high, and there is a maximum limit on the pitch of the piles. For this, you have to go to the relevant departments to understand the specific situation. Check the location of the underground utility line. Consider renting an electric drill to dig. Lay the fence line and leave 6 feet between the posts. Place a pile in the center of each post.

What do you need

  • Post

  • Gravel or concrete

  • Screw

  • level

  • Circular saw

  • Saw horse

  • tape measure

  • hammer

  • string

  • pencil

  • Practical hinges and latches

  • folder

  • Electric drill

Step 1: Mark

It's best to plan ahead when installing the fence gate and know how much each position is and how many holes you will be digging. You can use a marker to mark the location of each post. Take a moment to mark the diameter of the column holes so that there is no confusion when digging. It's best to start with a corner or end post and then start marking from there, which will help to reduce any confusion in the fence position. Be very careful during all these marking and mapping processes to keep the distance between each column evenly distributed. This will make the installation work better.

Step 2: Excavation

Once marked, you can start digging the back hole. For a 5-inch column, it is recommended to dig a 12-inch hole, but if you use a 4-inch column, you only need a 10-inch hole. In terms of depth, you need to dig 24-32 inches deep. Usually, your assembly manual will detail how deep your fence holes should be.

Step 3: After installation

In the hole you have just dug, it is generally recommended that you only add a few inches of gravel for drainage. Place your posts in the holes and align them with the strings to make sure they are all aligned. Ask your friend to hold it in place or use a secure temporary bracket to secure it in place. If you must cut a height-adjusted column, be sure to place the cut end into the hole.

Step 4: Support and leveling

When the support column is basically stable, you can use the clips to increase stability. You may retain these columns until you complete the vinyl fence installation process.

Step 5: Fence panel assembly

At this point, you need to assemble the fence panel to attach to the post you have set. During the assembly process you will see the bottom rail, the top rail and the slats. Put them together using the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 6: Attach the panel to the post

These should then be easily snapped into the predetermined holes in the column. When you have only one post in place, support the bottom of the fencing panel with some wood so that it does not hang down or pull on a post when it is waiting to be snapped into the second post.

Step 7: Set up the post

Once you've prepared your post and attached the appropriate panel, it's time to set up the post. For this reason, it is recommended to use quick-drying cement. There should be more specific instructions on cement mixing in the manufacturer's manual. Pour the cement into the hole, making sure the column is level and aligned with the rope. Then the air in the cement is discharged.

Step 8: Release the cap

All posts and panels are in place, the only thing left is the vinyl cap. You can apply a small amount of PVC cement to the inside of the hat and place them on top of the column. Waiting for the drying to complete.

The above is the installation procedure of the vinyl picket gate. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us through our official website.






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