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How to Repair Vinyl Picket Fence?

Views:7     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-12-24      Origin:Site

I think you know that the quality of the vinyl picket fence is very good. It can be used for a long time without too much scrubbing and maintenance. But in special cases, the vinyl picket fence will also be destroyed. But the steps to fix it are not complicated.


Vinyl and wood are two popular fence materials. They have many advantages over traditional materials such as wood and metal, including low installation costs, ease of maintenance, and inexpensive maintenance. They can also be an addition to an attractive, updated yard or landscape project. It can be used for many years if there are specialists for maintenance.


Before you prepare to repair your vinyl picket fence, you need to prepare some tools:

· Gloves

· Composite Compound

· Sandpaper

· Spatula

· Patch

How to Repair vinyl picket Fence Holes:

These simple fixes will not last as long as a professional’s work and are only appropriate when professional repair is time or cost prohibitive. Here are the steps:

· Smooth the surface with medium-grit paper and create dent in foam.

· Wipe away dirt and debris. Clean with water and dish detergent. Rinse completely, and dry thoroughly.

· Use medium-grit sandpaper to smooth surface about 3 inches around hole.

· Use expanding foam to fill holes larger than 1” in diameter. Spray until foam comes

out of hole. Let dry overnight.

· Wipe area and apply plastic spray paint.

· Use fine-grit sandpaper to smooth while keeping filler level with fence surface.

· Remove excess foam with coping saw.

· Use plastic spatula or scraper to fill hole with plastic filler.

· Wipe with damp cloth.


Repair of other vinyl picket fence parts:

·Frame: Support the door and keep it square. Appropriate size and materials are required. Missing or insufficient frameworks can lead to various problems. You can tell us about the repair costs.

· Support: A fence or door that causes sagging or tilting when missing or insufficient. Professionals will install heavy-duty vinyl brackets on the diagonal of the door. Doors that are more than 5 feet wide may require additional support.

· Postal base: Post requires at least 3 feet of concrete foundation. The contractor will remove the inclined columns, clean the holes, pour concrete and reset.

· Rear reinforcement: Use aluminum beams instead of wooden to ensure proper support.

· Hinge: The wrong hardware will loosen over time. Vinyl doors require heavy duty stainless steel hinges


In some cases, replacing a vinyl picket fence is cheaper than repairing. Although easy to install, a single panel may be more expensive than a wooden panel, but overall replacement projects are generally cheaper. This is because these components are pre-assembled and designed to fit together with minimal additional effort.


Some fencing parts may come with their own mounting kit. If a single panel needs to be replaced, you can easily replace it with the same panel. This type of change does not affect the overall integrity of the fence. If your vinyl picket fence is older, it can be a bit more troublesome to replace, and the installation can take several hours, or up to one afternoon.


The above is the specific steps to repair the vinyl pin pile fence. If you still have any questions, please feel free to browse our website information, or you can contact us directly. We are happy to answer your questions.






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