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Uses of picket fence

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Fences are widely used in our production and life, such as garden fence, highway fence, municipal fence and so on. At present, in many cities, private villas and courtyard fences are popular . It consists of three parts: fence board, transverse strip board and fence column. The general height is between 0.5 and 2 meters. Modeling is different, generally to decoration, simple protection as the main purpose of installation, is very popular in Europe and the United States. The fence can be divided into wooden fence, iron fence, bilateral fence and so on. One often overlooked fence option is vinyl picket fence . Vinyl picket fence is made of plastic and has many advantages over other fencing options that you may not be aware of. Here we introduce the different uses of vinyl picket fence - for kitchens, gardens, crafts, etc. I hope this article will give you a better understanding of the vinyl picket fencing.


The main points are as follows:

☀ For garden

☀ For kitchen

☀ For craft

☀ For creation


For gardens

The courtyard garden looks good, and the fence plays an important role. Whether it is a classic, innovative or artistic garden, if the garden fence makes a charming idea, it is indeed a charming and symmetrical garden decoration, absolutely eye-catching. Vinyl picket fence can also be used as garden fences to separate land boundaries and privacy. Modern vinyl garden fences of various designs, sizes and coatings represent symbiosis of functionality and aesthetics.Garden fencing has become more attractive through various decorative elements, such as frames, tips, pillar caps, etc. The witty shape of the vinyl picket fence gives the garden a charming and simple appearance. As long as you use your imagination, there will be a variety of designs.


We provide beautiful and practical garden fences. This provides a place for your cricket plants to climb, and adds texture and structure to your yard. Whether you plant morning glory, ivy, peas or other climbing plants in your garden, installing vinyl picket fencing can help them thrive and enhance the overall beauty of the garden.


Used in kitchens

Nowadays, many people choose European style for kitchen decoration. The kitchen doors are all vinyl fencing doors for European style kitchen decoration. European-style kitchen fence door is simple and generous in shape, cheap in cost, easy to install, suitable for villas, residential areas and other areas of installation, the most popular on the market is the vinyl picket fence series, durable, market promotion is very strong.



Used in process

Vinyl picket fencing can be used as barriers on both sides of highways, railways, highways and bridges. They can also be used as protective belts, airports, ports, wharfs, parks, lawns, zoos, lakes, roads, residential areas, hotels, supermarkets and entertainment places. The assembled barrier net is used to fix the connecting accessories and the steel pipe pillar in use.


Vinyl picket fence is both practical and decorative, and can be used for family housing, courtyard, villas, enterprises, organs, municipal, Park wall guardrail. Product height and width can be customized according to need. You can also choose the right color according to your preferences.


In order to create

1. When the vinyl picket fencing used at home still has edges and corners, but throwing points is too wasteful, these edges and corners can be used for DIY, such as vinyl fence pots and so on.


2.Vinyl fences can also be used as decorations, put in the home, can make the home more artistic.


The above is a brief introduction to several uses of vinyl picket fence. If you have a better way to use vinyl picket fences, try it boldly. If you want to know more about vinyl picket fencing, you can contact us for free consultation. We are a manufacturer of vinyl fences, providing various types of vinyl picket fences. We are pleased to answer any questions about the vinyl picket fencing for you.













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