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How thick should the vinyl fence be?

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Nowadays, the use of vinyl fences is becoming more and more extensive, so manufacturers also mean more and more. Then customers will have such problems when selecting vinyl fence panels. Some manufacturers may boast that their vinyl fence panels will be thicker than other home fence boards, but this is just a sales marketing technique. Customers seem to think that whoever has a thick fence will choose who to buy, but in fact, there is not much difference in thickness. For example, the difference in thickness between a 0.135 column and a 0.150 thick column is only 150,000. And if the company claims that its own fencing panel is the thickest, but the competition is not so intense, in fact its fence board may be very poor. Next, let's analyze the thickness of it.


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What is the thickness of the fence?

What should be the decisive factor for selling a thick enough fence?

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What is the thickness of the fence?

The thickness of a vinyl fence panel is a measure of the quality of a fence board, but it is not the only one.


Some merchants' vinyl fence panels can withstand the sun's rays, and some merchants' fencing panels have suffered a painful failure. Some of the successful merchants' products are thick and some are not thick. Of course, are those failed products thin? Actually not, some products are still very thick. So thickness is not a decisive factor in vinyl fence.


These fences are not necessarily 100% original vinyl, nor are they made from recycled products. It is not necessarily thick. Of course, the product must be designed to withstand the impact and structural testing of the fence. In fact, almost all legitimate fence suppliers sell thick enough fences to meet the needs of their sales applications. In these cases, the life of the fence is determined not by thickness but by other factors.


What should be the decisive factor for selling a thick enough fence?

In fact, people nowadays are more concerned about whether the vinyl fence is beautiful. Then decide whether it is beautiful or not. The most important thing is whether it is thin enough and the quality is good enough. At the end of some fence posts or fences, you will see two different layers. The outer or top layer contains chemicals that keep the fence in good shape for years to come.


The inner layer is also important because it contains impact and other longevity chemicals. External chemicals are very expensive, and if you want a good price point, single extrusion and thick products may not have such good chemicals. Therefore, it is not necessary to have how thick the vinyl fence product is. It is what chemicals are added to the product and where it is added. The extrusion process is technical and requires constant monitoring to ensure that the right chemicals are in the right place at the right amount. Everything is about quality control.


Any merchant can throw some resin compounds into the extruder to produce vinyl fence, but can it last? No. Some people just run the product and package it. And some people spend a lot of time and effort monitoring the quality of the product and testing its impact, color and longevity.


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In fact, don't trust too much of every statement they make for vinyl fences when purchasing products. You need to fully understand their company, where they sell, how many years of business they have done, whether the questions are professional, and the evaluation of their company's customers. This will really buy a good vinyl fence panels. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.






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