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How to Strengthen the Garden Fence?

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Who wouldn't want their garden fence to be as strong as possible? For the troubled owners, this article will explain how to strengthen the vinyl garden fence and maintain its aesthetics. I believe that after reading this article, you will have a new understanding of how to maintain your garden accents.


Here comes the context:

1.        How to Strengthen the Garden Fence?

2.        How to Maintain the Garden Fence?

3.        How does Garden Fence Save You on Repairs?


How to Strengthen the Garden Fence?

When constructing the garden fence, the burial of the column should be carried out in sections, first burying the two columns, and then pulling the line to bury the center column. Viewed from the longitudinal direction, the axis of the column should be in a straight line and must not present a jagged view.

If necessary, leveling the soil to obtain a regular appearance of the garden fence. In the low-lying areas, when the local upper longitudinal section suddenly changes and cannot adhere to the regular net height of the ground, a longer column can be used, and then a plurality of barbed wire can be pulled.

For the reinforcement of the garden fence, we can use the reinforced rubber to drill, clear the hole, press the reinforced rubber and insert the steel bar at the predetermined position.


How to Maintain the Garden Fence?

In order to protect our gardens, we generally choose to install plastic garden fences. The garden fences have always been popular among consumers because of their rust and convenience. However, some friends have found that the garden fence will show the appearance of hoarseness, fading and even rust after a period of use. At this moment, the consumer is identified as the quality problem of the garden fence. In fact, we should pay more attention to the maintenance after installation.

1.        Brushing-paint

Brushing-paint not only keeps the surface of the garden fence beautiful; it also makes it more stable. Painting the paint on the surface of the object with a manual brush is called painting. The vinyl garden fence features: saving paint, tooling, easy to apply, easy to master, and flexible. However, this method has poor applicability to quick-drying paints. If the user is unskilled, the paint film is prone to cracks, sag and unevenness.

2.        Spraying-paint

Using a special spray gun as a tool, and the paint is sprayed from the nozzle of the spray-painting gun into a uniform misty liquid, and uniformly dispersed on the surface of the object is called a spray paint. Spraying the garden fence can make the paint film thin, uniform, smooth and flat, can be sprayed in various parts, high construction efficiency, 5-10 times better than painting, suitable for large-area surface and artificially difficult to apply the angle deformed surface.


How does Garden Fence Save You on Repairs?

The vinyl garden fence is made of plastic connector sockets. It is easy to install. The universal joints can be quickly installed on slopes and multi-directional columns. However, the vinyl garden fence is more flexible than other materials, and it is shock-resistant and safe for humans and animals. harm. The vinyl garden fence does not need to build a stone foundation column and reduce the overall engineering cost. And the firm strength is higher than the stone base column.

The vinyl garden fence is completely different from other ordinary guardrails in the connection of the components. Although most of the materials in the ordinary guardrail are stainless, they are still not rust-resistant due to the use of metal screws. This new type of garden fence is different, it uses unique processing equipment to change the connection place to plastic connecting parts and plastic hole cover. It is a true rust-free vinyl garden fence with non-conducting and explosion-proof performance.


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