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How to replace old fence accessories?

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Perhaps it was because the time was too long, perhaps because the style was outdated, and we sometimes had to replace the vinyl fence accessories that were carefully selected. New products may be upgraded in terms of performance, form and quality, and meet the new needs of the mass customer group for vinyl fence fittings, but there are also customers who are accustomed to all aspects of the old product, so they are more willing to use the old fence accessories. Don't worry! This article will advise all users.


Here comes the context:

1.        How to replace old fence accessories?

2.        Why do We Need to Replace old Fence Accessories?

3.        How to View Replacement of Fence Accessories?


How to replace old fence accessories?

The replacement of the old fence accessories is almost equivalent to the installation of new accessories. If you need more detailed guidance, there are related articles on our website, but it should be noted that replacing and reconfiguring the vinyl fence accessories is more or less distinct.

1.        Base treatment

For the part of the garden fence fittings, the base layer shall not be loose, and the elevation shall meet the design requirements. The unevenness shall be removed or repaired and leveled, and the surface of the concave layer where severely damaged should be repaired. Do not repair the layer with cement mortar, instead, you should apply high-strength concrete to repair the layer. Only after the layer has a certain strength, can it be replaced with garden fence fittings.

2.        Permanent position

According to the height of the drawing, the position of the garden fence fittings is determined. The fence accessories are fixed with the expansion screws, and the next step is further permanented.

3.        Mounting

First place the line at the base layer to determine the location of the fixed fence fittings. Then drill the hole with the impact drill and install the expansion screw.

Two people need to cooperate, one person holds the garden fence fittings to keep it vertical, can't shake when tightening the screw, and the other person tightens the surrounding screws.


Why do We Need to Replace old Fence Accessories?

Garden fence fittings have become an indispensable decorative product, and generation updates are alternately fast. After a long time, after the erosion of the four seasons, the metal fence fittings will fall off the paint, corrode and rust, and will change slowly. The brightness of the surface is not in the past; thus, we have to replace it with new ones. So, what should I do with the garden fence fittings after the replacement?

For the garden fence accessories that are already scrapped, they should be sorted and recycled for recycling. Wasted vinyl fence fittings can be recycled. The screw fittings that have been removed from the garden fence accessories can also be reused in the re-processing of the furnace, which not only saves energy but also plays an environmentally friendly role.

After being returned into production, the garden fence accessories can also produce more materials. The value of vinyl products lies in the rational use of resources. After processing, they can also be loved by people. Every product has its own dedication behind it. The quality of products is also related to the development of enterprises.


How to View Replacement of Fence Accessories?

New is essential in life, and the lack of a new world will surely become a stagnant water. As a natural law, the new can help the world reduce backward things and make the world move forward. The mass production of new vinyl fence fittings is to bring more affordable products to everyone. When people are not ready to accept new vinyl fence fittings, manufacturers should show more of the advantages of new vinyl fence fittings to attract customers.

For the old vinyl fence fittings, we don't give up immediately, but give a certain buffer period, let everyone slowly transition to accept new products, after all, the use of new products is to benefit the customer base. Otherwise, the developed vinyl fence accessories can't show more cost performance, and research and development are meaningless. Therefore, the sales staff can grasp the size and let the new and old products change better.


In summary, the garden fence accessories companies are ought to adjust the vinyl fence fittings according to the market conditions. Do not deliberately cater to customers to reduce product quality, the producer should put product quality in the first place, so as to maintain the customer base in the long run. Taizhou zhuoxin plastics co.,ltd. has everything you need for vinyl fence fittings.






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