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What are the treatment methods for the old fence fittings?

Views:2     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-01-11      Origin:Site

In many literary works, old furniture will be likened to friends, because they provide us with a long time of service, fence accessories are also the case. It is inevitable to age your garden fence fittings after being used for a short time. However, there are ways to delay the aging of your garden fence fittings. It's quite amazing, isn't it?


Here comes the context:

1.        Why does Fence Fittings Age?

2.        What are Effects of Dipping Fence Fittings Long Term?

3.        How to maintain old fence fittings?


Why does Fence Fittings Age?

Aging of vinyl fence accessories is a phenomenon that the performance of the vinyl material gradually deteriorates due to the comprehensive effects of internal and external factors in the process of processing, storage and use, and finally loses its use value. This is an irreversible change, and it is a common problem of the vinyl material.

Sometimes, in order to save costs, some manufacturers of vinyl fence accessories do not use enough necessary materials in the process of processing. Therefore, there are congenital defects in the vinyl fence accessories and the aging problem is inevitable.

Every production process of vinyl fence accessory is closely related to the quality of finished products, especially in the selection and use of base toner and surface treatment paint, which will have an important impact on the discoloration and aging. For example, when the amount of paint is insufficient, the vinyl fence accessories are likely to suffer from fading and aging in later use.


What are Effects of Dipping Fence Fittings Long Term?

Due to the properties of the material itself, the vinyl fence accessories have good waterproof and moisture-proof properties, but only for a small amount of water encountered in normal use. If the vinyl fence fittings are soaked in large area of water for a long time, it will suffer some problems.

1.        Out of flatness

Most of the vinyl fence fittings belong to the rigid vinyl group. This group will be warping and uneven if it is soaked for a long time. If you soak it in hot water, the problem becomes more obvious.

2.        Color fading

Prolonged immersion in water will damage the coating of the vinyl fence accessories, reduce its gloss, and even fade when severe, affecting the appearance of the fence.

3.        Poor abrasion resistance

Prolonged dousing in water decreases the flexibility of the vinyl fence fittings, which reduces its abrasion resistance and service life. Even if consumers do get high-quality one, its lifespan will be as short as the poorer quality.

What’s more, the use of vinyl fence accessories is also linked to the environment, with the lifespan affected when exposed to cold outdoor conditions in winter. If it is well protected, the lifespan of the vinyl fence fittings is very long.


How to maintain old fence fittings?

Due to the relatively soft texture of the vinyl fence accessories, the mechanical strength of the vinyl fence accessories is not as high as that of the metal garden fence accessories. Therefore, physical damage should be strictly prevented. Due to the composition of the vinyl fence fittings, we should let it be protected from chemical damage, which will be easily neglected in the construction. If it is installed outdoors or in direct sunlight, it is necessary to prevent chemical damage to the vinyl fence accessories caused by sunlight.

If no good insulation measures are available during low temperatures in winter, dry the water on vinyl fence accessories in time to prevent freezing and cracking. If the reason for the cracking of garden fence accessories is too old, we should find the manufacturer for inspection and repair in time. In addition to binding the damaged parts of the vinyl fence accessories with adhesive tapes that are used to repair the vinyl fence accessories, you can also repair the cracks in the vinyl fence accessories with fiberglass or ring resin adhesives.


Taizhou zhuoxin plastics co., LTD. is committed to continuously developing technologies, and taking the thermal and photoaging performance of raw materials as an important content to investigate the quality of the vinyl fence fittings, which lays a foundation for improving the anti-aging performance of garden fence accessories, and thus inhibiting or delaying the aging of the vinyl fence fittings in the future, only in order to bring the best shopping experience to our customer service.






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