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How to use different fence accessories?

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On the condition that you happen to buy the same vinyl garden fence as your neighbor, using the popular fence accessories are going to not only turn your creation more unique, but also let it stronger. There are always some garden owners ask us how to use different garden fence fittings. If you happen to be one of them, this article is for you.


Here comes the context:

1.        How to Verify Quantity of Fence Accessories?

2.        How to Match Fence Accessories for Superior Results?

3.        How to Buy Different Fence Accessories?


How to Verify Quantity of Fence Accessories?

Nowadays, garden fence and its accessories are indispensable for garden construction. Today we will talk about how to determine the number of common fence accessories you should use in your garden project.

When choosing fence accessories, customers need to take the specific situation of the fence into consideration, some customers can total specific actual demand and then order, and some just begin to join the fence customer group do not know how to calculate the specific amount of fence fittings.

1.        The first thing to figure out is the vinyl garden fence model, as well as the gaps, height and actual height of the fence. After removing the length of the middle column, divide the total number of meters by the gaps between the middle vertical bars to obtain the actual number of vinyl fence accessories required.

2.        Outdoor fence is basically the following categories: A type, its feature is four crossbar, B and C type are three crossbar, D type is two crossbar, E type is arc bar. The number of fence accessories used is likely to be distinct for variable vinyl garden fence groups.

3.        After the steps above, it's easy to verify the number of accessories you have. If it's a two-rail type, multiply it by 2; if the fence type is three bars, multiply the number of gaps by three.


How to Match Fence Accessories for Superior Results?

The vinyl fence is very popular in everyday use, whether it's in factories, schools, roads, etc., but the quality of the fence varies from place to place. For private gardens, the use of fence requirements not only good anti-theft and good-looking, so how to match the fence accessories to improve the level of the fence?

If we want to match the fence to different levels, the choice of accessories is the key. There are many specifications of the vinyl garden fence on the market, but the basic materials cannot show the characteristics of a fence. Fence fittings mainly used with the horizontal bar and column fittings, fences between the pillar and ground of fixed pieces, the adornment of the vertical beam and column. Use U shaped fence joint and inside fence joint to decorate crossbar, plastic spending-ring to decorate fence, pagoda cover to decorate pillar, on the top of fence, you can use ordinary vinyl fence cap decorate fence.

The types of fence accessories should be the same with those of fence to achieve a sense of overall coordination.


How to Buy Different Fence Accessories?

No matter what kind of fence accessories are, before purchasing, customers should pay attention to some problems. Only when a manufacturer ensure that consumers choose qualified fence accessories to quality products can he become qualified fence accessories manufacturers.

We judge the quality of accessories good or bad, is to see whether the product is shaped, radian smooth, natural, symmetrical, polished smooth. Details determine whether the fittings are success or failure.

The inferior fence coating has an uneven color, its surface is rough and not polished, so the spray powder in the latter part makes the bubble level uneven, making which looks ugly. What's more, we need to see whether the guardrail accessories surface concave and convex, coating effect is matched.

The proportion of vinyl fence fitters on the market is increasing day by day. Adopting popular design taste and style is an important factor that it increases on the basis of traditional design.

Therefore, using fence accessories to decorate or reinforce your vinyl garden fence can completely bring you a different feeling.


Some parts will be damaged in the process of installation, and some parts will be thrown out in the process of ordering. You should avoid the delay of project time due to the lack of accessories in the later stage. Taizhou zhuoxin plastics co.,ltd. is a professional manufacturer of fence fittings. We are dedicated to meet the requirements of our customers on the basis of saving resources. If you need advice, we have more information about fence accessories on our website, you are welcome to visit.






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