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How to use fence accessories correctly?

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It is the dream of many people to have a garden, no garden owners do not want to decorate their gardens very beautiful to attract guests, which requires owners must be able to properly use fence accessories. Even many designers do not always know immediately what rule to use for a variety of fence fittings and how to create a style for them.


Here comes the context:

1.        What Styles of Fence Accessories Should You Choose?

2.        What are Principles of Using Fence Accessories?

3.        How to Maintain Fence Accessories?


What Styles of Fence Accessories Should You Choose?

The style of fence accessories must be consistent with the garden to create a harmonious aesthetic, but if it is not consistent properly, it may have a special effect, but for green hands garden owners, the safest way is to create a harmonious atmosphere. Introduce a few kinds of methods that build rural amorous feelings below.

1.        British pastoral style

The formation reason of British pastoral style fence accessories is mainly because people are tired of luxury style, and turn to yearn for fresh rural style.

The fence accessories characteristic of British countryside mainly lies in the colorful cloth art and the pure manual production, the cloth surface color is beautiful, mostly gives top place to the numerous flowers design. Small flowers and stripes are the theme of British pastoral style.

2.        Nordic style

Nordic style is famous for its conciseness in the world. The commonly used decoration materials of garden fence fittings include wood, stone, glass and iron. They all retain the original texture of the materials. There is no decorative pattern or pattern at all. At the same time, the Nordic style garden fence fittings, with its light color and cleanness, makes the indoor space cool down thoroughly.

3.        New European style

The new European-style fence fittings, on the basis of modern style, is adapted to the selected materials and suitable color.

In the new European style garden fence on the surface of the ornaments are no longer the pursuit of luxury and beauty, but more to solve practical problems of people's life. Choose light color to move more on color, of course, in order to distinguish between the classical European from grave feeling, rich color and lines to simplify the retro garden fence ornaments is to distinguish the best elements of classic European style.


What are Principles of Using Fence Accessories?

The extension of the current design method of vinyl fence accessories has led to the emergence of many new features of the vinyl fence accessories design, to continue to meet more and higher requirements of people. Here are a few principles to follow when you're using the vinyl fence.

1.        Combination of traditional and modern

Many excellent garden fence fittings are perfectly combined with modern design elements on the basis of inheriting traditional culture. This trend is particularly pronounced with our vinyl fence accessories. Because the development of design art in each country is based on the national cultural background, design and culture have an inseparable relationship. The vinyl fence accessories design is creating a new culture as well as a new lifestyle for people.

2.        Simplicity of theme and modeling

The information content and theme of modern vinyl fence fittings tend to be simple, and its design and form are highly concise. From tedious and complicated to concise and brisk, from heavy to dexterous, graceful, stretching and upright. Therefore, a large number of concise and compact geometries are widely applied to the design of modern vinyl fence fittings.

3.        Diversity of means expression

The diversification of lifestyle, the popularity of computer applications and the substantial improvement of modern copying technology provide the technical possibility for the mass production of vinyl fence accessories in various forms and styles. Since then, the design style of vinyl fence accessories has been integrated with various art forms. Under the circumstances that computer technology makes the appearance and color of the vinyl fence accessories show rich details, the expression techniques of cartoon, animation, photography and other art forms began to appear in the design of the vinyl fence accessories.


How to Maintain Fence Accessories?

Using vinyl fence accessories is the most popular decorating trend, and are considered to be environmentally friendly and durable, but the vinyl fence accessories are less sturdy than metal water pipes. One of the most common and easy ways to carry out your daily care is to wax vinyl fence accessories. Now, what's the method to quickly wax the vinyl fence fittings?

1.       Clean the dirt on the surface of garden fence fittings. Use the fabric to clean the dirt on the floor surface. The stain on the coat surface of garden fence can be wiped with diluted neutral detergent.

2.      Dry thoroughly. Wax the coat on the surface and groove of the fence. The time required varies depending on the season, but it can take more than half a day.

3.      Carefully smear the coat on the surface of vinyl fence accessories in the direction of the lines on the fence. Do not miss or uneven thickness. Too little coating on this product will result in uneven thickness and poor coating quality. Keeping it thin and even is the key to waxing.



After reading this article, you should already know how to match the vinyl fence accessories with your garden style and the basics of mending. There are other tips on how to protect your vinyl fence from aging on our website. If you are interested, feel free to visit Taizhou zhuoxin plastics co.,ltd. and we will help you wholeheartedly.

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