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Regular maintenance of fence accessories

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Just as people need to have regular physical examinations, fence accessories need to be maintained regularly, or it will cause distinct species of problems. If you disagree, the following article explains why fence accessories are aging and proves the importance of regular maintenance on fence accessories.


Here comes the context:

1.        What are Problems Needed to be Repaired?

2.        How to Repair Fence accessories?

3.        What are Tips for Regular Maintenance?


What are Problems Needed to be Repaired?

Whether the vinyl fence accessories structure is reasonable; whether the actual production is made according to the process requirements; whether the glue is fully cured; whether the transportation and placement meet the requirements; the environmental condition of the use place is also an important cause of the quality problem of the vinyl fence accessories.

1.        Being out of shape

The vinyl fence accessories have the characteristics of expansion and contraction, so the air and environment requirements are relatively high. When the moisture in the air is too high or too low, it will have a certain impact on the vinyl fence accessories. If there is no corresponding treatment, it will cause deformation or cracking of the vinyl fence fittings. If the vinyl fence fittings are slightly deformed, they can be corrected manually by hand. If there is serious deformation, you need to contact the after-sales service to return to the factory to avoid more serious problems caused by self-repair.

2.        Foaming

In the production or installation process of vinyl fence accessories, uneven surface coating will occur, and in the later use, there will be thermal expansion. Therefore, the surface of the vinyl fence accessories will appear foaming. Do not use force to squeeze, otherwise it will cause the surface of the vinyl fence accessories to be injured and cracks.

3.        Cracking

Cracking of vinyl fence accessories often occurs due to weather and environmental causes, or in use, cracking of vinyl fence accessories often occurs due to improper use. If the vinyl fence accessories are severely cracked It is necessary to ask a professional person to repair.


How to Repair Fence accessories?

There are two main methods for home repairing vinyl fence accessories.

1.        Internal maintenance

Prepare some tailings of vinyl fence accessories, cut it into fine particles with a saw blade, and dissolve it into vinyl special glue for about one hour to make the glue viscous.

Find a way to clean the damaged part of the vinyl fence accessories. You can use a wire to wrap some waste cloth, and if necessary, blow it with hot air.

Pour the glue into the hole of the vinyl fence accessories, so that the glue flows into the leak hole. If the leak hole is large, the glue should be poured several times, and each time you use the air tube to blow, so that the glue is continuously dry, continuous Reduce the leak until it is completely blocked.

2.        External maintenance

Prepare some packaging materials, which are usually made of vinyl. Clean the damaged part of the vinyl fence accessories with a saw blade. Apply the vinyl special glue to the damaged part and the vinyl material. After drying it, bond it! And then you are going to get a vinyl fence fitting like brand new.


What are Tips for Regular Maintenance?

Pick vinyl fence fittings that are not easy to crack

The vinyl fence fittings are not easy to crack and can be judged at the time of selection. First look at the thickness, the vinyl fence fittings with a certain thickness are not easily deformed. Secondly, listening to the sound, the knocking sound of high-quality vinyl fence fittings is crisp, indicating that the material used to make it is absolutely not bad, and good materials are of course not easy to crack.

Expansion factor of vinyl fence fittings will be more obvious when the temperature is high. Even if vinyl fence fittings are heat resistant, we can't deliberately put it at high temperatures.

Grasp the factor of humidity is also very critical, too much water vapor is likely to cause vinyl fence fittings damp.

If the user cannot handle the vinyl fence fittings that have been deformed and cracked by themselves, then you can turn to some professional vinyl fence fittings company for help.


To sum up, in the case of serious problems, you can give the maintenance work of vinyl fence fittings to Taizhou Zhuoxin plastics co., Ltd., or our customer service will provide you with comprehensive and meticulous maintenance guidance. If you want the best vinyl fence accessories, you are welcome to buy from us.






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