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4 Simple Yet Creative Ways to Make Your Vinyl Fence Gate Locks Secure

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With a vinyl pool fence, privacy and security issues can be resolved. But if your vinyl fence doesn't have a locking device, there is no way to really solve these problems. The door is not properly locked and there may be thieves entering the property that steals your property. Neighboring children may sneak into the pool to play, but if there is a problem, you will also be responsible. If your pet is not locked in a locked fence, it may also sneak out. Therefore, you need to install a suitable door lock system when installing the vinyl fence.


List of this article:

Four ways to solve the door lock problem

Other recommendations for safety

End of article


Four ways to solve the door lock problem


1. Install adjustable flip latch with padlock

For owners looking for an effective vinyl fence double door lock, an adjustable spring lock is a reliable choice. This locking mechanism is relatively basic. On the inside of the double door fence, install a stainless steel latch and screw it to the fence to connect the two doors together. It is almost impossible for the latch itself to pass through the fence from the other side.


2. Install automatic closing multi-adjustment hinge

Each vinyl door kit is hinged so your door works. Installing the automatic closing hinge will increase your door's safety tenfold. How many times has your hand been occupied while working in the yard, or you can't close the door behind you? The multi-adjustment hinge that automatically closes can close the door of the fence so that pets and children won't leave when you are busy with work.


3. Install the vinyl fence latch

The beauty of vinyl fence latches lies in its simplicity. It essentially adds a door handle to your fence that you can lock with a key. Installing your own is beneficial because you can set the height of the lock and place it on your own door. We recommend placing it on your door, higher than your front door, so that the child can't reach the door. A double-sided latch allows you to freely lock the door from either side. If you have a ranch, the locks on both sides will help protect your livestock or horse as you walk between the pastures.

Stainless steel drop rod for vinyl fence door safety


4. Install the vinyl fence door drop lever

Stainless steel fence door drop bars are one of the safest ways to lock a single or double door. The DOP rod is mounted on the other side of the hinge, or where the door is open. If you have a double door, install your dropbar on a fixed door. The size of the drop bar is not necessarily related to the height of the fence. A 2-foot drop bar mounted on the bottom of the fence will secure the fence doors together. The drop bar can be mounted on any surface. If your door is on concrete, you need to drill a receiving hole in the ground. If you are on grass or dirt, the drop bar will go straight into the ground.


Other recommendations for safety


In addition to the locking mechanism and hinges, you can perform other safety methods.

Install an alarm system near the fence door.

Set an overhead camera near the fence.

Install lights around or above the fence door.

Put cement or logs at the entrance to the gate so that there is nothing to dig underneath.

Make sure your vinyl fence door is the same height or higher than the fence.

Install the vinyl fence panels next to each other.


End of article

If you can use these latch devices, I believe it will definitely increase the safety of your yard. If you have any need about vinyl fence to contact us, we will have someone to answer your questions.






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