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Are all vinyl fences the same?

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Ethylene fences are used more and more widely because of their simple assembly, simple installation, durability, and low maintainability. It has a variety of styles to choose from, and can be customized to your liking. There are also many types of vinyl fence panels on the market, and the applicable places may not be the same. I believe everyone also wants to know how to choose them. Then let's talk about the differences between these vinyl fences in all aspects.


The content of this article is probably:

Design difference

Composition difference

Manufactured differently

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Design difference

Vinyl is the material most used in designing fences. The color of the vinyl fence is mainly white and tan. This is the most basic, but you can customize it if you need other colors. For example, wood grain patterns, iron pattern and two-tone vinyl patterns. . . . . . You can choose the color pattern you like according to your needs. No matter what you like, you can customize it. The vinyl fence is sure.


Composition difference

The composition of the vinyl fence must also be different. You need to know what material the fence you are about to buy is made of. Not all vinyl fences are manufactured with high quality. Some fence materials are only vinyl coated and less durable than all vinyl materials. In order to make the right choice, you should ask your supplier about the vinyl they offer. Be sure to let your supplier know the type of vinyl you are buying. For durability, you should choose all-vinyl, but if you are more interested in cutting costs, then you should choose vinyl coating materials. You can choose according to your own real needs, but you must ask for a clear purchase, in case you find that the purchase error after purchase, you can't regret it.


Manufactured differently

The vinyl fences used in different places are also different, so the type of manufacturing is different. There are privacy fences, semi-privacy fences, pool fences, picket fences or fence/ranch fences.


Vinyl privacy fence

If you want to install a fence in your backyard, you want to be able to do your own thing with your family, don't want to be disturbed by others, and don't like to be peeped by others. Then this kind of fence is very suitable for you, because its groove design makes it invisible to the outside world.


Semi-private vinyl fence

If your house is very beautiful, you don't want to completely cover the beautiful look of your house. However, you need a bit of privacy, so this fence is perfect for you.


Swimming pool vinyl fence

When your house builds a swimming pool, in order to prevent some accidents from happening, prevent children from accidentally playing with them. This type is typically manufactured using a 1.5" to 3.0" wide pointed pile with a pitch of 1.0" to 0.03". Usually the height is about 3-6 feet.


Pointed pile vinyl fence

Pointed piles are usually made of 6-inch pointed piles so that they are less susceptible to wind.


Fence/ranch vinyl fence

This type is best for agricultural use. Rail/ranch vinyl fences are also available in a variety of designs, such as wood grain or more. Such products may not be readily available at local suppliers because they are usually sold only in specialty stores.


End of article

Vinyl fences have a longer life and durability and require minimal maintenance compared to wooden fences. There are many types of vinyl fence panels that need to be chosen according to your own needs. If you have problems, you can contact us, we will have someone to answer for you.






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