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SAM-UK organized a trip to Vietnam

Views: 19     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-09-02      Origin: Site


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In the enterprise workplace, every manager hopes that his team has strong team cohesion, because only in this way can he improve team performance and get more resources. How to enhance team cohesion?


The answer is to organize team building activities on a regular basis.


8.22-8.27 SAM-UK organized a trip to Vietnam.Vietnam, a country in Asia, located in the eastern part of the South-Central Peninsula in Southeast Asia, adjacent to the South China Sea, with a coastline of more than 3260 kilometers.The company’s employees came to the beautiful beaches of Vietnam.



In the process of traveling, SAM-UK employees have more in-depth understanding and experience of team cohesion, collaboration and heart.


Beginning with the preparation of this event, we all united to formulate a suitable travel plan, plan a reasonable way of travel, arrange a comfortable accommodation environment and interesting tourist attractions, in which every employee participated, contributed their travel experience, and formulated a perfect team-building activity plan.




From the moment we embarked on the journey, all the employees involved in the activities helped each other: they helped each other take the most beautiful pictures and leave the best memorial to each other; each trip did not leave any one behind, no matter where they went, they traveled and played together; they met with questions of different sizes during the journey. Everyone actively helps to solve the difficulties, breaking through the difficulties one by one.



Some employees actively assume the leading role and manage the small and large trips well. Some employees actively participate in it, do a good job in supporting positions, and actively cooperate with all arrangements. Some employees take the initiative to assume responsibilities, help with financial expenditure arrangements, and do a good job of travel financial planning. In the whole activity, each of them performs his or her duties, which reflects the strong team cohesion of SAM-UK Company.

This team building activity is undoubtedly a successful one. We should realize the importance of team cooperation in the process of relaxation. Team cohesion is not a theoretical word, but a real integration into everyone's life.



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