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What is the vinyl cap?

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Actually, people see vinyl caps in their lives, but few people pay attention to them until they actually buy them. As a matter of fact, the vinyl fence caps, as one of the fence accessories, not only have beautiful effects, but also can protect you and your family.


Here comes the context:

1.        What are the Vinyl Caps?

2.        What Materials Are Vinyl Caps Made of?

3.        What are Kinds of Vinyl Caps?


What are the Vinyl Caps?

Because the fence is composed of various profiles materials, and many profiles materials contain sharp angle structure at the top, for safety reasons, the top of the profile generally needs to be equipped with a fence cap. At present, the fixation of the fence cap is mostly realized through the transition of the vinyl fence caps body and the profile. It is easy to fix and assemble by means of transition fitting.

Existing technology using vinyl fence caps uses the internal threads are installed in vinyl caps, through internal thread and fittings threaded connections, or use the mutual splicing structure, with internal thread connection, must be fitting end to the free end, so the internal thread connecting some use is restricted.

For a long time, the vinyl cap has been dominated by cast iron and wood. All walks of life should save resources and strengthen environmental protection. All kinds of industrial products should be replaced by plastic steel and wood as soon as possible. At the same time, with the rapid development of technology, the industrial application of new materials such as PVC has become increasingly mature. Nowadays, it is an inevitable trend to adopt the new vinyl materials instead of traditional cast iron and wooden caps, and the vinyl fence caps are very popular after many garden owners try them out.


What Materials Are Vinyl Caps Made of?

The vinyl cap is made from thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics in terms of technology.

1.        Thermoplastics

Products like vinyl caps are characterized by the fact that they soften as the temperature rises, are molded, and then harden as they cool. This process is carried out many times over.

2.        Thermosetting

vinyl fence caps can be produced by that vinyl materials are formed when heated at a certain temperature for a certain period of time or with a curing agent. Solidified vinyl caps are tough and won't dissolve in solvents, and they can't be softened with heat, which breaks down if the temperature is too high.

The materials of fence caps range from low consistency polyvinyl injection plastic tutelar caps, to vinyl impregnated tutelar caps, to heat tolerant vinyl tutelar caps, to silicone caps, depending on the specific needs, there are many plastic caps with different uses.


What are Kinds of Vinyl Caps?

For private gardens, they usually need to be closed to prevent pedestrians or vehicles from entering the private area, as well as to prevent the straw, branches and other debris outside the garden from intruding into the garden which has been beautifully manicured. In general, vinyl garden fences are widely used by owners to enclose their private gardens.

Fence accessories are an important part in the garden fence, especially in the overall planning and installation of the fence, it plays the role of fixing and supporting the vinyl garden fence, and the vinyl fence caps are an important part of the fence accessories.

1.        Ordinary vinyl caps

The common vinyl fence caps are not directly connected to the protective fence for the purpose of sealing the posts and keeping them beautiful. Vinyl caps are used as the base for bonding with the top of the column, with the inclined column extension arranged on the top of the base and extending at an Angle to the base. Vinyl caps can be installed on the top of posts to seal their cavities and extend their lifespan.

2.        Square vinyl caps

Square vinyl caps are generally installed on the column and connected with the protective fence to close the column, make it beautiful and connect the protective fence.


This is a brief introduction to vinyl caps, which I hope will help you. Vinyl caps are easy to maintain, and their appearance level is superior to all fence accessories in the past, with beautiful, environmentally friendly, durable and almost impeccable comprehensive quality, which continuously arouses more and more consumers to strive for purchase with full expectation. If you are one of them, don't miss Taizhou zhuoxin plastics co., LTD.






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