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3 Important Questions to Ask Before You Buy Vinyl Railing

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As a substitute for wood, vinyl fences are quickly becoming the material of choice for fences due to their simple assembly, simple installation, robustness and low maintainability. But when choosing a vinyl fence, many people may be dazzled and have a lot of problems. When buying vinyl fence panels, you will definitely ask these three questions. Question 1: When selecting a company, sometimes it will find that a company's fence track is larger than that of another company. So which company should you choose? Question 2: It is not felt that every company provides a U-shaped channel. Is the U-shaped channel important? Question 3: Will the size of the vinyl fence I ordered be fully sized? Then, let's take a look at each one.


Article list:

—  Answer to question one

—  Answer to question two

—  Answer to question three


Answer to question one

The size of the track of the vinyl fence does not determine the robustness of the fence. In a small track, if you add a stiffener inside, it will be stronger than a larger track. But a bigger track will make people think that the big one must be good. Now when people buy things, they will consciously choose larger things, and always think that big things will be more cost-effective. However, today's businesses will use the customer's psychology to produce more big things. In fact, sometimes you calculate that small things are sometimes more cost-effective. Therefore, the size of the track does not determine the robustness of the fence. What you need to know is whether or not the ribs are added to the track. What is the actual hardness?


Answer to question two

U-channel is very important, anyway, I will not buy vinyl fences without U-channel. When you install a vinyl fence, adding a U-channel will increase the wind load on the fence. In fact, it looks better. After all, when the installer cuts the last pile, it will be somewhat imperfect. Unless the cutting is perfect, there will be a gap between the pile and the pile. Therefore, if you add a U-channel at this time, you can make up for this gap. Although, U-channel is costly to buy, but spend a small amount of money to make up for the shortcomings, will get a greater return. So why don't you buy U-channel?


Answer to question three

If you are buying a 6-foot vinyl fence, you certainly want a vinyl fence that is 6 feet high. The true 6-foot-tall fence is 72 inches from the top of the fence railing to the bottom of the railing. But there may be some companies that shaved two-inch panels to save money, but the same 6-foot fence was said.


Some companies are selling thousands of feet of vinyl privacy fences with a vertical price of 0.35 cents per inch. If you can shave off the 2" panel, change the size, and leave a 2 inch gap between the bottom rail and the ground, you can be more competitive and increase profit margin (IPM). In this case, you can save $350.00 per thousand feet. Most companies publicly distinguish between the two, but it is important to note these differences. A company's true 6-foot-tall vinyl fence, the bottom of the top fence requires a 2-inch gap to reach 72 inches. Of course, these requirements need to be determined on a case-by-case basis. Then, when you purchase, you need to know about your situation and then buy it.


The wider use of vinyl fences will also cause more problems at the time of purchase. Therefore, when buying a vinyl fence panels, the above must be the three questions you need to know, I hope it will help you. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will definitely reply after seeing it.






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