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How salt water corrosion can damage your vinyl fence?

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The views of the houses in the coastal area are breathtaking, with the ocean and beach in your backyard. The coastal family also gives a sense of tranquility, and the beautiful sun rises or falls, depending on the coast you are on. But the corrosion of salt water makes your home's fence rot, and it makes you feel a headache. Then what should be done? Nowadays, vinyl fences are not decaying, non-corrosive, non-fading, do not require routine maintenance, and do not pollute the environment. It is also safe, environmentally friendly, harmless to humans (animals), smooth in surface, delicate in hand, bright in color, high in strength and good in toughness. Using a vinyl lattice fence, you can solve this headache for you.


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How does salt water corrode the fence?

How to solve the problem of salt water corrosion?

The benefits of vinyl fences


How does salt water corrode the fence?


Corrosion is a natural process that gradually destroys metals and other materials by chemical and/or electrochemical reactions with the environment. Corrosion is most likely caused by metal oxidation, which means that your metal reacts with oxygen or sulfate in the air to form rust on the metal. Seawater corrosion is another process caused by the reaction of brine with metals. Metals commonly found in residential areas, such as stainless steel and titanium, are often corroded by seawater.


Wood corrosion

Delignification refers to the corrosion or deterioration of wood in salt water. This process produces furry material on the wood you might see on the dock. When the salt corrodes the wood, the structure becomes weaker.


Metal corrosion

When you add brine to your formulation, the corrosion process will speed up. Due to the increase in dissolved ions, metal salt water corrosion occurs faster than fresh water. These ions move electrons faster on the metal, accelerating the formation of rust. When this happens, the metal does not have to be immersed in the brine. The brine is present in the moisture in the air, and the salt spray only causes the ions to be present on the metal.


How to solve the problem of salt water corrosion?


Most houses close to the coast will consider the problem of salt water corrosion before construction, and some measures will be taken. This is sensible, but it is difficult to rebuild the house with steel or concrete reinforcement. It can be prevented from rusting by a method called galvanizing. This process adds a layer of zinc to the metal surface. If the homeowner chooses a vinyl fence to avoid problems caused by salt water corrosion, the cost of galvanizing can ultimately be avoided.


The benefits of vinyl fences


First, the appearance of the vinyl fence is beautiful: it has white, blue, red, green and other colors, the color is bright and the surface is smooth.


Second, the vinyl fence is safe and environmentally friendly: safe, environmentally friendly, harmless to humans (animals), smooth surface, delicate handfeel, bright color, high strength, good toughness, domestically produced primary raw materials


Third, the vinyl fence does not crack or embrittle at high temperatures and can be used for many years.


Fourth, the vinyl fence is maintenance-free: no decay, no corrosion, no fading, no need for routine maintenance, no pollution to the environment.


Fifth, the vinyl fence is easy to install: the installation is quick and easy, and the fixing is firm.


Although vinyl fences are not the only way to solve salt water corrosion, they must be the most convenient and convenient method. Vinyl fences don't need to worry too much, and don't require frequent maintenance, saving a lot of time. So, quickly pick a vinyl lattice fence. Have questions at any time!






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