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How to choose the lighting of your backyard with vinyl fence?

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In the summer, adults eat and chat in the backyard with vinyl fences, and the children play and play inside. In the evening, everyone didn't want to go back to the room so quietly early. After all, it was too early and didn't sleep. Everyone will not be willing to sit in the dark backyard, maybe there is a light in the backyard, but it is too bright. The lights in the house are not enough to support the lighting in the backyard. Vinyl fences now have their own lighting lines, including stigma, accent and stair lights. In addition to providing you with a bright light, the vinyl fence light can also increase the atmosphere of the backyard and enhance the atmosphere of conversation. But you may have questions. What do I need to consider when installing vinyl fence lights? Next we will talk about what needs to be considered.


What do you need to consider when installing a vinyl fence?


Number of lights

Type of lamp

Installation of the lamp control system


Number of lights


Do you only need 3-5 lights on the pillars of the vinyl fence? Do you want the lights on the 20 pillars? Do you want to illuminate on the stairs or on the corner? Know what you need to help calculate power so you know how much power your deck lights need. Only a few lights can obviously save costs, but if you have a lot of space and you will be using multiple zones, then a few lights may not be enough. Adding accent lights to the stairs can improve the safety of family and guests. Smaller lights are neither too expensive nor require too much energy.


Type of lamp


Different manufacturers have different lamp styles. Some are vinyl and some are aluminum or other metals. Some are hats on tall railings, while others are more like traditional hats, cleanly placed on the pillars of vinyl fences. An online search for the image of the cap light will show you many styles and types of cap lights that you can choose.


Installation of the lamp control system


With outdoor lighting, the lights can be connected to the switch at home, but many types of lights are connected to the control panel on the vinyl fence. Some systems are equipped with a photoelectric sensor that turns the light on or off when the outdoor light level changes (light turns on at dusk and turns off at dawn). The lighting system can also turn on the timer to automatically turn it on at a specific time and remain on for 10 or 12 hours before it is automatically turned off.


In addition, can you adjust the light according to your mood? If this is a particularly dark night, or if friends are active on the deck, you may need a higher brightness than the low brightness you want to sit at the table, chat or enjoy the stars.


In short, lighting is one of the most impressive and useful parts of the backyard with a vinyl fence, but think ahead about what you need and what you can afford, how do you use your space, what do you want? Add-ons will be very useful as you or your contractor has an outdoor lighting plan. Our company specializes in producing vinyl fences and other related things. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.






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