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What is the significance of the vinyl horse fence on the equestrian field?

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Maybe your hobby is horse racing. The flat and spacious land of the racecourse is what many equestrian enthusiasts aspire to. However, equestrian is also a dangerous sport. If the horse is suddenly frightened, it may not hear the order to rush out of the runway and leave the safe area, so you will find a white fence next to the runway. Through them, the safety of people and horses can be ensured to a large extent. Let's take a look at some of the world's famous racetracks.


Maidan Racecourse in the United Arab Emirates: the world's most luxurious racecourse

Located in Dubai, the Maidan Racecourse is the most luxurious and spectacular racecourse in the world. After three years of construction, the racecourse cost a total of US$3 billion. Its luxurious facilities are shocking. It not only has a grandstand that can accommodate 60,000 people, but also has a 400,000-square-meter business box and a two-kilometer-long horse tunnel that can accommodate one. The double-decker parking lot of 10,000 cars also has an urban park, a five-star race track hotel, a solar crescent 4 roof, and the world's largest and longest outdoor LED screen.


Moscow Central Racecourse: the oldest racecourse in Europe

Built in 1834, the Moscow Central Racecourse is the oldest horse farm in Europe and one of the largest horse farms in Russia. Although the racecourse was built early, the conditions of the stadium are in line with international standards, so Russia's major domestic or international events are almost held here. It is also the only horse farm in Russia that is open all year round. The racetrack covers an area of 42 hectares and can accommodate more than 1,200 horses, four runways, corners and a separate training ground for 36 fast-moving horses. Every summer, there are 15 to 20 separate horse training grounds to better meet the training needs. Today, this important Moscow racecourse with more than 170 years of history has become an indispensable part of Russian national culture.


Sha Tin Racecourse, Hong Kong: One of the world's top racecourses

Sha Tin Racecourse is the second racecourse in Hong Kong and one of the world's top racecourses. Sha Tin Racecourse is located in Sha Tin District in the eastern part of the New Territories and was commissioned in October 1978. There are grass, mud and other runways in the racecourse. The grass runway is 30.5 meters wide and has a circumference of about 1900 meters, which can accommodate 85,000 people. It is home to some of the world's top horse farm facilities, world-class runways, and large-scale events, attracting top-notch people and horses from all over the world. The equestrian competition for the 2008 Olympic Games was held here.


Tokyo Racecourse: has the world's largest TV screen

Japan's most famous racecourse, non-Tokyo racecourse. The racecourse is located in Fuchu, Tokyo, Japan. It opened to the outside world in 1993. With the increasing demand, the racecourse has undergone several renovations. In October 2006, the world's largest TV screen was built, with a total area of 667.09 square meters. There are 13,750 seats in the racecourse, which can accommodate 223,000 spectators. When there is no event, the horse racing museum will be open to the public. On the court, you can also look at the beauty of Mount Fuji.


With the continuous development of equestrianism, the safety measures of the racecourse have become more and more perfect. On the horse fence, the best choice is the vinyl fence, which not only has a good appearance, but also is durable and basically requires no maintenance. The presence of a vinyl fence is also a big factor in bringing you a good equestrian experience.






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