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Why choose vinyl horse fence instead of wood or metal fence?

Views:9     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-11-04      Origin:Site

The installation of the horse fence has always been a matter of great concern to the farmer, which is related to the safety of his horse property. Many farmers now use wooden horse fences or metal horse fences, but I believe that these farmers may have some minor problems on the fence. So if you install a horse fence, maybe you have a better choice.


A wooden horse fence that may split is a danger to a horse enclosed by a wooden fence. Wooden fences are most popular in ordinary home use, with panels inserted into the ground, typically about 45 cm deep. Wood is indeed affordable and light, but it varies depending on the height of the fence and the quality of the wood. Once installed, your panel can be painted and sealed to your liking. But the most serious problem is that wooden horse fences can be affected by bad weather and local wildlife, so maintenance is often required.


Metal horse fences range from aluminum to wrought iron. Aluminum is a relatively low maintenance option and is considered a good and attractive alternative to wires. It is not recommended for use in areas where bad weather is a problem. Wrought iron allows for more complex or bolder designs, but requires extensive maintenance. This type of fence needs to be sanded and repainted every two to three years, so it is important to take this into account when selecting materials.


For most people, the biggest benefit of vinyl horse fences is that they are free of maintenance. Anyone who ever had to paint or dye the fence must understand why the market share of vinyl horse fences continues to climb, because once the vinyl horse fence is installed, it can be used for a long time with little maintenance, making it a farm. The farmer's first choice.


Vinyls used in the manufacture of vinyl fences contain UV inhibitors that protect the material from sunlight. Therefore, vinyl does not usually lose color and does not require repainting. Moreover, it is hardly subject to wear and tear. The color is "transparent" so the scratches and dents on the fence do not require modification and additional repair.


Because vinyl is not organic, it is not attacked by insects and pests or rotted by moisture penetration. And unlike metal, it does not rust. Vinyl is also very powerful. According to some manufacturers and distributors, vinyl has five times the tensile strength of wood, making it more difficult to break. It is also more flexible than wood and may be the first choice for high wind areas where our vinyl horse fences are bent at most but not broken.


In addition to the maintenance-free features, vinyl horse fences come in a variety of appealing styles. Our vinyl horse fences come in a variety of colors and textures to help you install your favorite vinyl horse fence.


If properly installed, the fence can be used for a lifetime. The installation of the vinyl fence is not complicated, you can even install it yourself and enjoy the fun, but at this time you need to prepare some installation tools yourself, and then follow the installation instructions we gave you. However, if you are not sure if it can be installed, we also provide the corresponding installation service.


I think you read this article and you will know why so many farmers choose vinyl horse fences. We are a professional manufacturer of high quality vinyl horse fences. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us.







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